Bundle: 36 x 40 + 900

Perfect Bundle to use Stroodles in catering and sell Stroodles at the same time.


After trying Stroodles in a nice drink you served them, many are fascinated and want to take some home. With this bundle you can get your customers stroodling at home. And you can even customize the pack with your own branded stickers, so that your guests can carry your brand home with them


Say “pasta la vista” to soggy paper straws and ocean polluting plastic. Stroodles are made from wheat & water, are flavourless and ideal for cold drinks. They’re ~20 cm long and can be cut to size for cocktails, juices, milkshakes and smoothies too. Not to be used with hot drinks. (If you want to eat them you can. Boil them like pasta!) Stroodles are delivered in boxes of 750. 


If you'd like to sample Stroodles first, click here


  • 1 box of 900 Stroodles (for use in catering)
  • 36 x 40 Stroodles (across 6 shelf-ready packs of 6 x 40 Stroodles) for retail to customers
  • RRP of 40pack is £4.99 (0% VAT)
  • Ingredients: durum wheat semolina and water.
  • Length: ~ 25cm ( ±0.75mm, it’s a natural product)
  • Diameter: ~7.8mm (±0.75mm, it’s a natural product)
  • Contains Gluten 
  • May contain traces of soya and eggs
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years of age
  • Made in Italy
  • Best used in glass
  • Dispose in compost or with food waste
  • Nutrition Information. Typical values per 100g: Energy 1521kj/359kcal, Fat 2.0g (of which saturates 0.5g) Carbohydrate 70.9g (of which sugars 3.5g), Fibre 3.0g, Protein 12.8g, Salt 0.013g


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A man is creating straws made of pasta to help combat plastic pollution - showing that we're not all pasta the point of caring about the environment. (Sorry)


- Lad Bible

October 2019