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Questions mean you’re curious and we love hearing from you. We noticed some common questions and wanted to clear them up with some answers. We hope you find what you’re looking for. If there’s something you still want to know, that we haven’t clarified - get in touch with the Stroodle team here.

Are Stroodles fully biodegradable?

Yes! Stroodles are 100% biodegradable. Stroodles are pasta and are simply made from 2 ingredients - durum wheat and water - and therefore can decompose quickly even at home.

Are Stroodles gluten free?

Stroodles are not currently gluten free, however we are developing a new gluten-free Stroodle later this year. Get in touch with us here to find out when these will be available. In the interim all of our products are clearly labelled, with wheat highlighted in bold in the ingredients list. We offer ‘contains gluten’ labels and stickers that can also be placed at point of sale, on bars and other display shelves compliant with food handling regulations.

What are Stroodles straws made out of?

Simply 2 ingredients - durum wheat and water.

Are Stroodles straws safe to eat?

Yes! Stroodles are simply pasta so are very much safe to eat! Whether you boil them and make a delicious pasta dish, or even snack on them raw, they’re 100% ok to consume.

What is the shelf life of Stroodles straws?

Stroodles last up to 2 years when kept in a cool, dry place.

Can I use Stroodles straws with fizzy drinks?

Yes, you can enjoy all your favourite fizzy drinks through a Stroodle, but they should ideally be poured and then stroodled from a glass. Please note that when using a Stroodle directly in some bottled/canned carbonated drinks, you should please exercise caution, as they could foam over. Stroodles are a natural product after all :-)

Do Stroodles straws come in different forms?

At the moment Stroodles just come in the standard golden pasta colour and are one standard length/width. We are currently looking into making Stroodles different colours (using natural dyes so colours would include green, red and black) as well as potentially having different widths. We are also looking into getting stroodles branded! Please email info@stroodles.co.uk for requests and more information.

What's Mr. Stroodles Favourite drink?

Mr. Stroodles best enjoys lying in a Mojito :-)

How long do Stroodles straws last in drinks?

Stroodles last over 1 hour in COLD drinks under normal room temperature conditions. We do not recommend stroodling hot drinks, as you might burn your tongue!
Please note that under direct sunlight exposure it might be slightly less with approx. 40min durability, but still always with more than enough time to get through your drink, before the biodegrading process kicks in - Stroodles are a natural product after all.

Are Stroodles straws vegan?

Yes Stroodles are just wheat and water and therefore are completely suitable for vegans.

Do Stroodles straws have a taste and do they change the taste of your drink?

Stroodles are tasteless and therefore don’t change the taste of your drink.

How should I store my Stroodles?

Stroodles should be stored in a cool and dry place. They are a natural product after all and under exposure to direct sunlight the biodegrading process kicks in.

Where is Stroodles Eco Tableware sold?

Please visit our stockists page, for our online and bricks and mortar retailers.

Can children stroodle?

YES! Children (above the age of 3!) absolutely love stroodles products and, as you can imagine, being able to stroodle a drink with a pasta straw puts a huge smile on any child’s face.

What are your spoons made of?

All our spoon are basically a biscuit and you can enjoy them after the meal. Our ice cream and dessert spoons are made from excess flours from food production, that would otherwise go to waste. The large spoons are a mix of multiple grains with flavourings added respectively.

What are your plates and bowls made of?

Our plates are made of 100% wheat bran only and are edible, suitable for hot and cold meals, and even microwave safe. Snack your plate after stroodling your snack!

What are your cups made of?

Our cups are made from wafer, just like your ice cream cone. They are very very tasty.

What is the shelf life of your pasta straws/spoons/plates/bowls/cups?

Pasta Straws will last for 2 years, spoons for 7+ months, plates and bowls for 2.5+ years and cups for 6+ months.

Are your spoons/plates/bowls/cups gluten free?

Only our choc ice cream spoons are gluten free. All our products contain gluten. Please see product descriptions, for full ingredient lists. We are working on gluten-free options for our whole range.

How should I store my Stroodles spoons/plates/bowls/cups?

Stroodles tableware products should be stored in a cool and dry place. They are all natural product after all and under exposure to direct sunlight the biodegrading process kicks in and/ or the products can get stale.



Unlike a paper straw, they don’t taste like wet paper; they don’t change the flavor of the drink. They last at least an hour, and longer in colder drinks.


- Fast Company

August 2019

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