Forget plastic & soggy paper drinking straws

Use STROODLES PASTA STRAWS: 1h+ strong, flavourless, biodegradable (wheat + water), edible & zero-waste.

Join me, Mr. Stroodles, in the Stroodles-Movement and get inspired on how easy it is to do good one Stroodle at a time!

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"DRINK EASY" with stroodles

  • Strong (1+ hours)

    Stroodles are high performers and will stay strong and firm for well over an hour in various types of cold drinks

  • Flavourless

    Stroodles don't have a distinct taste and therefore don't affect the flavour of your drink. So happy stroodling!

  • Biodegradable

    Pasta decomposes in a day, unlike paper that requires at least a month or plastic that never fully biodegrades

  • Edible

    Stroodles are edible and a nice snack, as they are made from only water & durum wheat semolina in Italy.


THE STROODLES MOVEMENT                                                                     

Stroodles is not just another straw company! Stroodles is a movement

Stroodles is here to help fight plastic waste and straws are just our first channel of choice.

We want to inspire the world and show how easy it is to do good – with just one Stroodle at a time.

With Stroodles, you don’t have to change behaviours and compromise on your drinking experience. By stroodling your drink, you can do good, the easy way. We call this "drink-easy".

But our impact goes beyond the environment.

The Stroodles that don’t meet our high-quality expectations get donated to food banks through our partners at City Harvest.

And with the help of "Work for Good", a share of Stroodle’s sales is donated to charities, such as Ocean Plastic, who help us fight plastic waste.

Make a Change. Make a Stand

The Stroodles Movement

Start Stroodling today (For buLK orders, contact info@stroodles.co.uk)

How to use STROODLES?

  • Juices

    Stroodles are ideal for freshly squeezed juices, concentrates and particularly for smoothies

  • Cocktails

    Stroodles last over an hour even in cocktails with strong ingredients like gin, whiskey and other liquours 

  • Cold Drinks

    Stroodles remain firm and don't lose shape even in cold water and soda drinks with lots of ice and bubbles

  • Any Occasion

    Stroodles can be used for your private parties, events, daily use or to become sustainable in your bar or restaurant.