15 Things That Look Silly Wrapped in Plastic

Thu, Oct 08, 20

Plastic, plastic everywhere! 

As we all know, the plastic pollution crisis is getting completely out of hand. While there are a lot of people in the world who are trying to live a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle, there are still unfortunately lots of companies (supermarkets especially) who use superfluous plastic wrapping that is completely and utterly unnecessary. The vast majority of supermarkets still wrap EVERYTHING in plastic, from avocados to individually packaged grapes, to even a single pill wrapped in 3 layers of plastic (yes, really!)

Last year Greenpeace UK and the Environmental Investigation Agency investigated UK supermarkets commitments to reducing their use of plastic packaging and wrapping, and the results were absolutely shocking. The study showed that supermarkets put over 900,000 tonnes of plastic packaging on their shelves every year - an absolutely shocking quantity of plastic which very sadly finds its way into our beautiful oceans or ends up in our landfill (which can then take up to 1,000 years to decompose). What's worse, National Geographic states that more than 90% of the plastics ever created have not been recycled - there's simply WAY too much plastic that exists in the world to recycle away the huge problem! 

We want to show you how silly plastic packaging looks. Hopefully you'll make more of a conscious effort to try and break free from plastic as much as possible Perhaps next time you're food shopping you'll choose the cucumber that's not wrapped in plastic 😉

So, have a scroll down to be shocked...


1. Perfect! If we had £1 for every time someone asked us for a pre-cut, individually wrapped pepper, we'd be millionaires...

Red pepper wrapped in plastic

Credit: @6packobeer / Reddit 


2. We've always wondered how Nutella was born..
Pots of Nutella

Credit: Brightside.me


3. You must be yolk-ing!

Eggs wrapped in plastic

Credit: @ShinigamyDady / Reddit


4. What next? Individually wrapped tea bags?

Sugar cubes wrapped in plastic

Credit: Brightside.me


5. The next worst thing since sliced bread......

Sliced bread wrapped in plastic

Credit: @Iamrasters / Reddit


6. What Nathalie said 

Oranges in plastic pots

Credit: @awlilnatty / Twitter


7. Just why...

Coconuts wrapped in plastic in a supermarket

 Credit: @ProperEllipsis / Twitter


8. Another classic case of small knife syndrome

Knife wrapped in plastic

Credit: @Ferlorn / Reddit


9. Oh LEAF it out

Lime leaves wrapped in plastic

Credit: @pointless_packaging / Instagram


10. You say potato, we say stop using single use plastic unnecessarily

Potato wrapped in plastic

Credit: @stuartgibson / Twitter


11. This one is pretty EXTRA if you ask us!

Packs of Extra chewing gum wrapped in plastic

Credit: Bored Panda 


12. If only passion fruits had a robust and biodegradable natural packaging of their own...

Passion fruit wrapped in plastic

Credit: @pointless_packaging / Instagram


13. We just don't even have any words for this one

Garlic wrapped in plastic

Credit: @pointless_packaging / Instagram


14. This packaging is just (coco) nuts

Coconut wrapped in plastic

Credit: @pointless_packaging / Instagram


15. And it says "non-drowsy".... we guess you'll be tired after having to work your way through all the pointless packaging

Claritin pill

Credit: Brightside.me


As we all sadly know, the past few years have been a real turning point for our oceans. Tragic footage of turtles with straws stuck up their noses, beached whales with all sorts of plastic in their stomachs and sea creatures stuck in plastic nets has gone viral. At Stroodles HQ, we want to do all that we can to stop plastic entering our oceans, starting with plastic straws!

Here at Stroodles, we are shocked by how ridiculous and unnecessary plastic packaging and wrapping of items can be, so we thought we would share this compilation of the MOST ridiculous packaging you will ever see to highlight how bad the problem really is, and how easily it can be stopped.

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