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It’s ok to use single-use tableware straws again, if it’s Stroodles. 100% biodegradable, edible products.

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Our Famous Pasta Straws

As consumers want more sustainable choices, forget plastic and soggy paper straws - Stroodles is the answer. 

Our pasta straws are made from 2 natural ingredients: durum wheat semolina and water. They are 100% biodegradable, vegan and edible - even if they end up in the ocean, they become a great appetiser for sea life! 

Stroodles are tough, lasting for over one hour in cold drinks and the flavourless formula won’t change the taste of your drink. Stroodles are a big talking point, sure to ‘steal the show’ from drinks, perfect for social events, business lunches and meeting people. 

100% biodegradable

Made of wheat + water

1hr+ use time


edible & Vegan

Edible Spoons

Every year, billions of units of plastic cutlery are discarded around the world. But what’s the alternative? Our biscuit edible spoons. And our smallest spoons even use excess flours from food production, that would otherwise go to waste. 

They are 100% biodegradable. But, better than that, our spoons come in a range of sizes and flavours to complement sweet and savoury catering. Our edible spoons are vegan and won’t compromise the flavour of your dish until you decide to take a bite. Stroodles spoons hold their integrity for up to one hour in cold and up to 30 minutes in warm meals. Our spoons are a big talking point, adding a ‘little something extra’ to your delicious serve. 

Ice cream spoons (6.8-7cm) are available in oat and choc flavour (gluten-free), Dessert Spoons (8.7cm) in oat flavour and our 14cm Large Spoons in Classic, Cocoa, Pepper and Masala. 

100% biodegradable biscuit spoons

Up to 1hr use time

edible & vegan

Multiple Sizes & Flavours

Edible plates and bowls

Our eco plates and bowls are made solely from wheat bran and are 100% biodegradable and 30 day compostable.

Our plates and bowls remain intact for the full duration of your meal and won’t crumble. They are suitable for serving hot and cold meals and can even be used in classic ovens or microwave ovens.

Stroodles plates and bowls won't upset the flavour of your food, but make a great snack when you’re finished - they’re edible and vegan.

Snack your plate after stroodling your snack!

Plates are available in 28cm, 24cm, 20cm and 16cm. Bowls are available in 20cm and oval bowls in 24x16cm

100% biodegradable

30 Days compostable

Made from 100% wheat bran

Edible & Vegan

For Hot and cold meals

Edible Cups

Our edible wafer cups are available in multiple sizes and are made from natural grains, making them totally biodegradable.  

When you’ve finished your drink, soak it up with a delicious wafer snack. Our cups are 100% edible and vegan. 

They’re suitable for hot (up to 85 degrees) and cold drinks, remaining intact for up to 40 minutes and still remain crispy for another 12 hours. They won’t crumble and won’t affect the flavour of your beverage.
Stroodles cups are a big talking point, especially if you top your drink off with a sustainable Stroodles straw!

100% biodegradable wafer cups

40 min use time

Edible & vegan

For hot and cold drinks



You don’t have to give up the straws for summer picnics and posh barbeques, not if you swap to a sustainable one. We’re loving Stroodles, the new pasta based straws.


- Pebble Mag

June 2020

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