1. How long do STROODLES last in cold drinks?

STROODLES are high performers with a long endurance and will stay strong and firm for well over an hour in various types of cold drinks. But then you shouldn't be sipping on your drink for that long anyways.

2. Can STROODLES be used in hot drinks?

As with any straw it is not recommended to drink hot beverages with it, as it might cause probable injury like tongue burn. STROODLES are recommended for use with cold drinks, unless you want to make a noodle soup.

3. Are STROODLES gluten free?

No, STROODLES are unfortunately NOT gluten free, as they contain durum wheat. So it is not recommended for those with Celiac and Allergies. But we are eagerly working on creating gluten-free STROODLES. 

4. Do STROODLES have a taste?

STROODLES don't have any taste and thus don't affect the flavour of your drink in any noticeable way. In some rare cases you might see a tiny bit of starch being released after a long while, but even that doesn't alter the taste. So happy STROODLing!

5. Are STROODLES fully biodegradable?

Oh yes, you can use STROODLES and sleep guilt-free, as being a food product, they decompose over night without any extra action. Unlike paper straws, which take 30-60 days.

6. Are STROODLES safe to eat?

Of course! STROODLES are made of wheat and water, so unless you are a celiac or have a wheat allergy, it is totally safe to have a bite or cook a nice alcohol-infused STROODLES-Dish, after you are done with your drink.

7. Are STROODLES vegan?

Yes, they are. STROODLES are made up of only 2 ingredients - water and wheat, so no animal products involved.

8. Are STROODLES more expensive than other straws?

For restaurants, on bulk orders, prices for pasta straws are comparable with good paper straws and are marginally more expensive than plastic. If that is still too expensive, you could always offer STROODLES upon request only or with selected drinks.

9. What is the size of your STROODLES?

Just like you are used from other straws, the diameter is approx. 7.5mm and as it is a naturally produced product, the length varies between 24-25cm. Other sizes (thickness, length, color) are available upon request.

10. How much is the shipping cost?

STROODLES will ship out within 1 business day. The rest depends on the shipping option selected upon checkout. If you need them quicker, please get in touch on info@stroodles.co.uk

11. What is the shelf life of STROODLES

When stored in a cool and dry place, STROODLES will last for up to 3 years.

12. Can I use STROODLES even with Coca Cola and Fizzy Drinks?

es, Coca-Cola is totally fine and can be perfectly enjoyed through Stroodles. It is only Coke and Fizzy Cans that have been shaken in transport that might "spill over" at the first time, when putting in the straw. So just be a little careful and let it stand for a bit.

13. What ingredients are STROODLES made of?

STROODLES are made of Durum Wheat Semolina and water - that's it. The high level of protein gluten in the wheat gives STROODLES their strength and durability.

14. I have a question for Mr. STROODLES

Mr. STROODLES can't wait to hear from you - email him on info@stroodles.co.uk.

15. I need a bulk order of STROODLES

If you are a restaurant and want to make a large order or planning your next event and want to leave an impact and a lasting impression, please reach out on info@stroodles.co.uk

16. How to best enjoy STROODLES?

STROODLing is best with cold drinks, like juices and cocktails. Send us your best impressions of you on info@stroodles.co.uk and we will feature you on our Social Channels.

17. Can I get branded STROODLES for my next event?

Not just yet. We are working on the ability to brand STROODLES with you custom-hashtag or logo. Please reach out on info@stroodles.co.uk for more information.

18. Why are Stroodles hand-selected

Stroodles are a natural product from Italy and so when they arrive from our supplier, our Stroodle-Elf's carefully, manually sort and select only the best, visually appealing Stroodles, allowing for a perfect and unconditional stroodling-experience. It is only those Stroodles that then find their way into your Stroodle- packs. The process is focused on sorting out the slightly visually cracked and damaged ones that are just a common result of the manufacturing and drying process.