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All our products are 100% biodegradable and good for the planet. And you can even munch on them after use, as they are all edible. Our pasta straws are made from wheat + water only, plates and bowls from 100% wheat bran, the spoons are like a biscuit and the cup is from wafer.

With Stroodles, there is no need to compromise on the experience, use time and quality of using traditional tableware. Switching to sustainable products is now simpler than ever - there is no need to change behaviours, use Stroodles instead. 

Change made easy!

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Meet the team

Meet the wonderfully passionate Stroodlers that make up our team.

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Andrew Harvey

Senior Stroodle

I love drinking with a Conscience, whether stroodling a Dark'n'Stormy or a smoothie.

Favourite drink to Stroodle:

Dark 'n' Stormy


Social Stroodle

As the digital content marketing Stroodle, I love how sustainability can actually be fun with Stroodles.

Favourite drink to Stroodle:

Espresso Martini

Maxim Gelmann

Chief Stroodler

I just want to inspire the world and get everyone stroodling and put a smile on Stroodlers faces.

Favourite drink to Stroodle:


Tom Simmons

Creative Stroodler

I like making eco-conscious consumer choices and Stroodles offer great alternatives to their plastic counterparts, without compromise on experience unlike paper alternatives.

Favourite drink to Stroodle:

Gin & tonic

Tom Holgate


Group Finance Director at BenevolentAI ($200M in funding since 2015). Previously: Senior positions at American Express, MS Amlin and EY.

Favourite drink to Stroodle:

Aperol Spritz


Digital Stroodle

Digital Marketing Consultant. Working as the Marketing Lead, enjoying every minute of being part of a young, passionate team who are trying to make a small difference, but in a big way!

Favourite drink to Stroodle:


Simon Taylor


Global brand professional with many years of hospitality knowledge working with brands such as; Conde Nast International and Global Bacardi Brands.

Favourite drink to Stroodle:

Aperol Spritz

Nick Hassall


Senior Advisor at corporate finance firm Spayne Lindsay and former Global Head of Consumer and Retail Sector Investment Banking at UBS AG.

Favourite drink to Stroodle:

Aloha Coconut

Andrew Allen

non-exec director

Experienced food entrepreneur, with particular experience in foodservice. Currently partner of Biff's Kitchen, NED for Olly's Olives and Spare Snacks, Investor and advisor for OGGS.

Favourite drink to Stroodle:



barketing executive

Furry stroodler and proud! Stroodles are fun to play with and are also a really tasty treat.

Favourite drink to Stroodle:

Likes a stroodltini shaken not stirred


Experienced brand builder and exGlobal Marketing Director at Fever Tree. Responsible for high level sales &marketing strategy.

Favourite drink to Stroodle:



30 years as a founder, CEO and MDof SMEs & listed companies, in B2B and B2C environments with international exposure.

Favourite drink to Stroodle:

Old Fashioned


Workingacross the sales side of Stroodles, my favourite thing about Stroodles is the positivity and fun twistwhen talking about such an important topic - sustainability.

Favourite drink to Stroodle:


Why we are stoodling

Our mission is to offer uncompromising solutions to the everyday consumer and business. We’re a part of a larger global effort to change the way we consume and use products, one Stroodle Straw at a time.

“We know the plastic problem is out of hand, yet the awareness is at an all time high. What we need now is practical, convenient, solutions that replace the plastic in our lives without disrupting our lifestyles. It’s this simple mission, to change the ordinary, that’s birthed Stroodles.” 

Maxim Gelmann (Founder and Chief Stroodle)