Why care about sustainable tableware?

We want to be as transparent with our processes as we are with our ingredients. Our entire mission as a brand is rooted in sustainability, creating eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items and it’s why we take it seriously.

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The idea to create Stroodles came from the need to make our everyday lifestyles more sustainable, without compromising.

Scientists estimate there are over

8.3 billion plastic straws polluting our oceans*,

that’s a number we can’t even picture. Knowing that, we had to make a change.

Our mission is to turn everyday plastic items that end up in landfill into zero-waste products that are biodegradable, starting with the drinking straw! 

Each Stroodle is made from wheat + water, the simple pasta formula is edible, lasts for over an hour and has no flavour.

However, Stroodles is not just about pasta straws! We have an extensive range of eco tableware, including edible spoons made out of biscuits, edible plates and bowls made from wheat bran, and a wafer edible cup, which can hold hot liquid for up to 40 minutes!

We are determined to make real change by inspiring people, and showing them how easy it is to do good, one edible straw/spoon/cup/plate at a time.

Time to start making small changes and start Stroodlin’ - one stroodling  product  at a time.

* National Geographic

Our charity partners

We want to work on the global mission to eliminate single-use plastic waste. We work with organizations that support, aid or lead with the same mission. A share of sales gets donated to the below charities.

Clean Ocean Sailing

Clean Ocean Sailing are a local Cornish voluntary organisation that dedicates itself to cleaning our coasts and oceans sustainably under sail, raising awareness about ocean plastic pollution. 

Based in the idyllic Helford River in Cornwall, Clean Ocean Sailing hold regular beach cleans down the river to the coves inaccessible by land, which are overflowing with plastic waste. They have also restored their 113-year old sailing boat (named Annette) to carry out this mission!

Check out our #makeasplash campaign to find out more about our work.

Educational projects

The Stroodles movement is here to make changes. We want to spread awareness about the problem, inspire change and offer practical solutions. 
It’s why we’ve launched our ‘Stroodles Sustainability Awareness Initiative’, which is focused around 3 pillars:

A few of our upcoming projects: 
Develop art sculptures from recycled plastic straws
+ Using Mr Stroodles Character to teach kids about plastic pollution
+ Repurpose old plastic straws to make straw-equipment

Keep oceans

If you share our mission or have an organisation you think we should support, get in touch here.

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Stroodling Art

Our Art incentive involves using recycled plastic straws to create artwork that helps spread awareness about the plastic pollution problem.

The challenge is showing the magnitude of the plastic pollution problem, most people are used to seeing batches of straws but not in the thousands or millions. This initiative allows for schools and colleges to create something tangible. 

  • Recycle Plastic Straws to create Art to spread awareness about plastic pollution
  • Collect old stock of plastic straws
  • Find an artist to commission an art sculpture of for example a wave from plastic trash (see an example here) https://thestrawpocalypse.com/
  • Work with local schools to have kids work on art projects, whereby they build for example marine animals from plastic straws.


Stroodling Education

We created Mr. Stroodles the mascot to represent our brand's mission. The character is light, playful and adds a friendly tone to a very serious issue. 

It’s a great way to approach education for children and young adults on plastic pollution with a character that narrates the challenges and solutions. 

Mr. Stroodles can be used in marketing, collateral, workbooks and many more. He can be adapted visually to suit your branding. 


Stroodling Community

Repurpose old plastic straws into useful “Straw-equipment” by working with disadvantaged groups in communities.

We are looking for some engineers to help us design some “Straw-Merchandise”. We then want to help local communities and disadvantaged groups and create employment.

The merchandise will be sold and proceeds will benefit the community.