Stroodles for Parties

Most instagrammable straws at any party

Everyone remembers the details at a party, those amazing canapes, the extra decor and now the straws! Stroodles are the most Instagrammable straws around. All straws can be cut to size to fit in any kind of drink. Eco-friendly parties are in. Share the news! They also make a great addition to gift bags!

Fun for everyone!


Make your party extra special and leave guests wanting to copy.


An easy cleanup, throw them into your food bin or compost, Stroodles are 100% biodegradable.

Goodie Bag Treats

Spread the fun beyond your party and add Stroodles to your gift bags.

Long lasting

Last over 1 hour+ and so Stroodles can even be reused across multiple drinks.

Drinking games

Stroodles are great for drinking games and silliness too! (Scroll down for some game inspo).


Made from wheat + water, these are great to cater for vegans too.

Look Ma,
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“The most Instagrammable Straws”

“It’s ok to use straws again,
if they are Stroodles”

We are not just another straw company,
Stroodles is a movement.

Stroodles is here to help fight plastic waste and straws are just our first channel of choice.

We want to inspire the world and show how easy it is to do good – with just one Stroodle at a time.

With Stroodles, you don’t have to change behaviours and compromise on your drinking experience.

By stroodling your drink, you can do good, the easy way.
We call this "drink-easy".

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Play time

Stroodles are perfect for drinks but they’re also so much more, they can be brought to life in games for kids and adults. All of these can easily be played as drinking games.

We love

Stroodling games

We’ve come up with a list of fun at-home Stroodling games that you can challenge friends and family to. Check them out, have fun and happy Stroodlin’!

Click on the squares below to read the rules of the games.

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