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Made from wheat + water, which makes them 100% biodegradable. Nature will take care of it, you can even add them to your compost heap.

Stroodles are strong, they last over 1hr. Unlike paper straws they don’t turn mush in your mouth after 10mins.

No compromises here.
You can enjoy your beverage without
an aftertaste.

Getting peckish?
Good news is our straws are all edible and make a great snack.
So you can even add them to your bolognese.


Why Stroodle?

Stroodles is here to help fight the plastic waste problem. Our mission is to inspire the world to make sustainable changes - one Stroodle at a time, with no compromises on quality or experience. Stroodles is a Movement - let’s change the world together.

As consumers we want to buy from brands that represent our values, as everything we consume is an extension of us in some way. Sustainability is a high priority in buying decisions, presenting your business as eco-conscious and adapting to change is not only beneficial for the planet but also has an effect on long term profitability.

Lead the change

in your business

Stroodles gives you the opportunity to align to an eco-conscious brand, both showcasing your values and presenting yourself as a brand leader for change.



When we love something we release happy hormones, which also motivates us to share that good feeling with others. Our Stroodle straws are a social media favourite, fun and able to be cut to size they look great in any drink.

Pr &

Marketing tool

You can leverage your association with Stroodles as a way to promote what changes you’re making towards a more eco friendly business.


customer experience

Unlike soggy paper straws, Stroodles stand strong in cold drinks for well over an hour and don’t change the taste of your drink. Which means no one needs to be picking out bits of paper from their mouths.

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750 Stroodles


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3000 Stroodles


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