Event Bundle

Our Event Bundle has everything you may need for your event! It includes 240 Stroodles, 50 Classic spoons, 100 plates (24cm), 240 Large cups (220ml). This bundle will easily make your event much more sustainable! If participants don't finish our edible tableware after their meals and drinks, you will be able to throw it away with no harm being done to the planet Earth as our tableware is 100% biodegradable 


Happy Stroodling Event! 


240 Straws:

  • Ingredients: durum wheat semolina and water.
  • Length: ~ 20cm – 20.7cm (it’s a natural product)
  • Diameter: ~7.8mm (±0.75mm, it’s a natural product)
  • Contains Gluten 
  • May contain traces of soya and eggs
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years of age
  • Made in Italy
  • Best used in glass
  • Dispose in compost or with food waste
  • Nutrition Information: Typical values per 100g: Energy 1521kj/359kcal, Fat 2.0g (of which saturates 0.5g) Carbohydrate 70.9g (of which sugars 3.5g), Fibre 3.0g, Protein 12.8g, Salt 0.013g

50 Classic Spoons - 5 pack of 10 Spoons

  • Flavour: Classic
  • Edible single-use biscuit spoon
  • Baked Good made from different flours and spices
  • Length: ~14cm
  • Vegan
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Simply eat your spoon after the meal
  • Stays strong up to 60 min in cold and up to 30 min in hot meals
  • Beste before date: approx. 6 months 
  • Ingredients: Wheat flour, millet flour, oat flour, rice flour, barley flour, chickpea flour.
  • Contains Wheat derivatives and Gluten 
  • Nutrition Information: Typical values per portion (9g): Energy 134.01kj/31.68kcal, Fat 0.19g (of which saturates 0.04g), Carbohydrate 5.92g (of which sugars 0.27g), Fibre 0.78g, Protein 1.18g, Salt 0.04g
  • Store in a cool, dry and dark place
  • Made in India

100 Plates (24cm)

  • Diameter: 24cm
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Fully compostable in 30 days
  • Vegan friendly
  • Certified for food contact safety
  • Designed for short-term contact with food, either warm or cold, solid or liquid
  • Product can be used in classic ovens or microwave ovens
  • Max. baking temp 180C, Max. microwave power: 750W Disposal: Recommended through composting or bio-waste
  • Serve liquid meals up to 5 minutes prior to consumption
  • Smell and taste of bran might penetrate the food
  • Ingredients: 100% Wheat Bran
  • Contains Wheat derivatives and Gluten 
  • Blisters may appear on the surface
  • Nutrition Information. Typical values per serving (70g): Energy 808kj/193kcal, Fat 2.66g (of which saturates 0.46g), Carbohydrate 13.23g (of which sugars 3.96g), Fibre 29.26g, Protein 10.57g, Sodium <30mg
  • Shelf life: up to 3 years from date of manufacture
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Made in Poland (EU)

240 Large Edible Cups

  • Volume: 220ml / 8oz
  • Box of 240 cups, which consists of 20 sleeves of 12 
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Ingredients: Water, oat bran, wheat flour, sugars 
  • For allergens see ingredients in bold
  • Edible (like a wafer)
  • Vegan 
  • Heat resistance: 85°C for up to 40min
  • Stays crispy for up to 12 hours after consumption
  • Perfect for small hot drinks, desserts and cocktails
  • Paper holder around cups can be branded/ customised from a quantity of 4000 cups
  • Made in Bulgaria (EU)
  • Shelf life: up to 9 months from date of manufacture
  • Manufactured by Cupffee
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Nutrition Information. Average values for one cup (~ 26 g) Energy: 437 kJ / 105 kcal, Fat: 1.1 g. (of which saturates 0.7 g), Carbohydrate: 20.3 g (of which sugars: 3.4 g), Protein: 3.4 g., Salt: 0.05 g


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    A man is creating straws made of pasta to help combat plastic pollution - showing that we're not all pasta the point of caring about the environment. (Sorry)


    - Lad Bible

    October 2019