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Thu, Aug 26, 21

Since the launch of our famous pasta straws in 2019, which have since become a global and viral trend, we have been continuously growing. Individuals, organisations, and businesses all over UK and the world have switched to our Stroodle Pasta Straws helping to reduce the tonnes of plastic waste finding its way into our oceans making real change that impacts the planet in a positive way!


And we do not stop! As our movement keeps on growing so does our product portfolio! We are happy to introduce The New Edible Spoons to our Stroodles Eco-tableware range and continue making the change. Read on to find out all about these innovative and exciting new products and where you can buy these.


The Stroodles Edible Spoons


Here are some key features you should know about our Stroodles spoons:


100% natural / organic

    Our Stroodle spoons are 100% organic, fresh, natural and eco-friendly. They contain zero preservatives and no added sugar, concentrates or artificial colours. As such they are supremely healthy and nutritious.


    Edible and biodegradable

      Being completely vegan our edible spoons are made from a mixture of flours with smallest spoons being made by excess flours from food production that would otherwise go to waste. And they’re 100% biodegradable, meaning they dissolve in a short period of time, leaving no footprint on earth.


      Delicious and tasty

        Our spoons come in a range of sizes and flavours to complement sweet and savoury catering: Large spoons available in cocoa, pepper & masala, and classic;

        Ice cream spoons come in oat and choc flavour and our dessert spoons available in oat flavour, which won’t compromise the flavour of your dish.


        A plastic free alternative to enjoy your favourite dishes one Stroodle spoon at a time

          These spoons are perfect switch for the plastic cutlery which ends up discarded in billions of units around the whole world. They are perfect for going camping, to a festival, to a picnic, or to the park. You can bin these after use without feeling bad or you can EAT them which is the ultimate zero-waste flex.



          Our Edible Spoons Gallery


          Image Credit: Mr B’s Ice Cream


          How To Stroodle with a Spoon Your favourite ice cream


          In this blog post we want to shine a light on two of our amazing customers that have chosen our Stroodles Spoons and started the sustainable journey helping us to reduce the plastic pollution from ruining our environment.

          The Fortnum & Mason the parlour restaurant is an award-winning home of ice cream creations. When it comes to ice cream credentials, Fortnum & Mason is second to none: they were the first to introduce the UK to the Knickerbocker Glory! We are delighted to announce that The Parlour at Fortnum & Masons was our first customer to start using our edible spoons from our brand new eco-tableware range! The Parlour serves their delicious ice cream with our edible biscuit spoons!

          Another place that started stroodling with us is Mr B'S Ice Cream! They can offer you the best artisan ice cream, made in the centre of Hayle, using both locally-sourced, Cornish produce and fine Italian ingredients. It is an amazing place to pop in, if you are classic or an extravagant as they have plenty of ice cream options for both. What’s even more great, now you can enjoy their ice-cream guilt-free, leaving no carbon foot-print on earth!


          We are so delighted with such amazing customers on board, as at Stroodles HQ we absolutely love ice cream and we believe it is a best thing to have with our delicious edible Stroodles spoons!


          We are extremely excited to see our movement growing and improving our range with the sustainable biscuit spoons and getting the first customers stroodling with us today!  Stroodles hope to leave a lasting positive impact, by spreading awareness about the plastic pollution problem in a non-preachy way, and inspiring millions about how fun and easy sustainability can be. Single use? No problem! As long as it’s Stroodles.


          Interested in Stroodling with one of our edible spoons? Then shop our new eco table range here


          Interested to learn more about our edible tableware range? Then get in touch with one of our Stroodlers today


          Warm Stroodling wishes!

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