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Thu, Sep 09, 21

On the 21st and 22nd August, team Stroodles were at this year’s Cocktails in The City, showcasing not only our famous pasta drinking straws but also products from our brand-new eco-tableware range, including our delicious edible biscuit spoons and wafer cups. All of our new Stroodles products are edible, entirely vegan, durable, and of course 100% biodegradable!

Cocktails in the City is the UK’s greatest cocktail festival, bringing together the world’s finest cocktail bars all under one roof in pop up form. Their mission is to bring the finest cocktail bars, innovative drinks brands and curious cocktail lovers together for an epic cocktail party in stunning spaces around the UK and they sure do a good job of doing so!


Cocktails in the City returns to London - CLASS


Cocktails in the City is the mixology highlight of the summer calendar, and we were so excited to be a part of it. This year, the line-up was bigger and brighter than ever, with a fresh roster of bars arriving in pop-up form each weekend to serve their own special takes on al fresco drinking and show-stopping cocktails. The bars that were there included a veritable bucket list of the city’s finest, including Cafe Pacifico, Callooh Callay, Electric Shuffle, Funkidory, Kosmopol, Laki Kane, London Cocktail Club, Murder Inc, Nightjar, Oriole, Swift Bars, Swingers, Terroir Tapas, The Coral Room, The Hide Bar, The Piano Works, The United Kingdom Bartenders Guild, ThreeAfter3, Trader Vics and TT Liquor.

This year at Cocktails in the City we partnered up with Plantation Rum and our friends at Laki Kane Cocktail Bar & Thai Restaurant in Islington, to produce the incredible Bula Batiki - a completely zero waste cocktail, and we are SO happy to announce that it actually won the Best Cocktail award at the event this year! Carry on reading this blog post to find out exactly what ingredients went into this masterpiece of a drink… But first, a bit about our partners.

Laki Kane

Laki Kane were actually our first ever trade customer, and have therefore been stroodling with us since 2018. So, a big shout out to Georgi, Sam and Timmy from Laki Kane, who believed in Stroodles and the bigger picture from Day 1!

Transporting you to a tropical world where the sun is always shining and the good times never end, their menu represents the true taste of paradise. Their spectacular cocktails (all served with a Stroodle Pasta Straw) are made using unique exotic ingredients, natural, unrefined sugars and the world’s finest selection of rum; perfectly complementing their fresh and flavourful food, inspired by the cuisine of the tropics!


Bar Upper St & Angel | Laki Kane Cocktail Bar & Thai Restaurant Islington


Plantation Rum

Plantation produces rums from several Caribbean countries, encompassing a broad range of styles. The best ones are shipped to France for final maturation at Cognac Ferrand, which owns the Plantation brand!

OUR RUMS — Plantation Rum


Our Winning Cocktail (with Laki Kane and Plantation Rum)

Our winning cocktail was called the Bula Batiki! BULA means 'hello' or 'wish you happiness' in Fijian, and BATIKI is a small Fijian island. The island is full of coconut palms and one of the best coconut oils in the world!

Our winning cocktail was made with Fijian Rum and tropical and coconut flavours, mirroring the Batiki produce. The mouth-watering cocktail consisted of:

  • Plantation Rum
  • Banana skin oleo
  • Spiced pineapple skin syrup
  • Real coconut
  • Fina Coconut water
  • Served with coffee and chocolate nibs and Plantation Fiji ice cream, representing Bula Coffee. The ice cream is made only using local produce!

The cocktail was of course served in a Stroodles wafer cup, and a Stroodles chocolate edible spoon for the ice cream. Everything in the cocktail could be drunk or eaten, and therefore meant that our cocktail was 100% zero waste!




Our Stroodles Wafer Cups

Made from 100% natural ingredients
Our wafer cups are made from simply water, oat bran, wheat flour and sugars, making them 100% natural, 100% edible AND 100% vegan.

Durable and stay strong and crispy!
Our Stroodles cups are suitable for hot and cold drinks, remaining intact for up to 40 minutes with hot ones. They won’t crumble and won’t affect the flavour of your beverage! Our cups actually stay crispy for up to 12 hours after consumption.

Come in 2 different sizes
Our edible wafer cups are available in 2 sizes - 110ml and 220ml.

100% biodegradable
Made from just water, oat bran, wheat flour and sugars, our cups are 100% biodegradable and therefore if left in a food bin, can dissolve in a short period of time, leaving no footprint on earth!


STROODLES Pasta Straws on Twitter: "Introducing our completely zero waste  cocktail! This stroodlicious cocktail is fully edible! Served in a Stroodles  edible wafer cup, with a Stroodles Pasta Straw and a Stroodles


Our Stroodles Edible Spoons

100% natural / organic
Our Stroodle spoons are 100% organic, fresh, natural and eco-friendly. They contain zero preservatives and no added sugar, concentrates or artificial colours. As such they are supremely healthy and nutritious.

Edible and biodegradable
Being completely vegan our edible spoons are made from a mixture of flours with smallest spoons being made by excess flours from food production that would otherwise go to waste. And they’re 100% biodegradable, meaning they dissolve in a short period of time, leaving no footprint on earth!

Delicious and tasty
Our spoons come in a range of sizes and flavours to complement sweet and savoury catering: Large spoons available in cocoa, pepper, masala, and classic. Our Ice cream spoons come in oat and chocolate flavour.

A plastic free alternative to enjoy your favourite dishes one Stroodle spoon at a time
These spoons are the perfect switch for the plastic cutlery which ends up discarded in billions of units around the whole world. They are perfect for going camping, to a festival, to a picnic, or to the park. You can bin these after use without feeling bad or you can EAT them which is the ultimate zero-waste flex.

Fi Europe Connect: Spoontainable showcases upcycled edible spoons amid  COVID-19 foodservice shutdowns


Thank you so much to the judges at Cocktails in The City for voting for our delicious, zero-waste cocktail to be the winner. It makes us so proud here at Stroodles HQ that such a sustainable cocktail won, and that we had the opportunity to get so many of you stroodling with us. We really couldn’t be happier that we won - what a milestone! At Stroodles HQ we are already excited about Cocktails in the City 2022 and what it will hold for us, so see all you fellow Stroodlers there next year!

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