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As there is just over a month left before Christmas, and just a few weeks left till Black Friday, there is no surprise that everyone is already getting ready to stock up on Christmas presents and gifts. As you may all know the rise of the consumption brought huge amounts of waste and plastic scattering around the world forcing us to be eco - conscious more than ever before

During this busy period it would be cool to avoid extra wastage! But did you know that you can make this happen in a very simple way?

This period is all about gifts, so of course the best way you could contribute towards protecting our planet Earth is getting eco-friendly gifts for your friends and family, so your shopping doesn’t leave any footprints

To help you out on this one, we’ve compiled a bundle of sustainable gifts for secret Santa from different brands a.k.a friends of Mr. Stroodles. These guys, on top of producing zero-waste reusable eco products, are trying to do their best in other possible ways such as ethical labour, sustainable production, charity work or minimising waste 

Scroll down to see sustainable gifts ideas for Secret Santa, and find out how you can help save our planet Earth

(Don’t forget all of the below brands and gifts- they’re Mr. Stroodles verified 😎)

@Leiho_uk Eco Friendly Christmas Sock Crackers

Leiho call themselves ‘a lifestyle brand on a mission to make purchasing basic products more meaningful’. It all started with them donating a pair of socks to homeless people when purchase was made. This Christmas Leiho brought back their Christmas crackers! Every cracker includes a pair of cosy bamboo socks, a Christmas hat and a cracker of a joke, but the best part is that these crackers also help give some love and warmth for those experiencing homelessness this Christmas. Every pair of socks or a Christmas cracker you buy, another pair is given to those in need. Moreover, Leiho is a very active supporter of different charities, and is always on a lookout for pioneers that could join them and help make the change. Needless to say, but their Socks, tees, and beanies are all made from organic materials and are just a cool thing to have!


@oceanbottle - Small bottle - Big Impact

Did you know that by buying one reusable water bottle from Ocean Bottle you literally become an ocean warrior? How cool is that! Ocean Bottle is a company that fights against plastic pollution in our beautiful oceans. In fact, by 2025 they aim to collect 80million kgs of plastic which is equivalent to 7 billion plastic bottles polluting the ocean.

If you still haven’t heard about them, their award-winning Ocean Bottle is crafted in cooperation with K8 Designs in Norway, and is made from double wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel as well as recycled materials, it will keep your cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot. Remember, every 1 bottle that you buy, means 1000 plastic bottles in weight collected. Additionally, Ocean Bottle supports livelihood and asks eco-warriors as yourself to join & help them.


@swheatstore - bottles made from plants

T​​here is a new reusable bottle on the block. 👋 Not made from plastic, steel or glass. BUT plants! Yes, you read that right, plants! 

In contrast to regular plastic, which is generated from petroleum, S’wheat uses waste wheat straw and bamboo fibre as a sustainable alternative. Their patented products are food safe certified, Melamine Free, BPA free, FDA & Mr. Stroodles approved, and rather surprisingly, gluten free! Did you know they also plant a tree for every bottle you buy? If you can make a difference by simply choosing a secret Santa gift, why wouldn’t you? Let’s get those forests & parks blooming!



@Stroodles Edible Biscuit Spoons

Every year, billions of units of plastic cutlery are discarded around the world. But we have a great alternative ready for you - Stroodles EDIBLE SPOONS

This might not only be a great gift to give to your loved ones but also an answer to launching a zero-waste Christmas party too! P.S. kids go craaazy about our spoons, so make sure you are in control ;)

You can forget single - use plastic cutlery or washing up! This Christmas you can be consuming not only your mum’s delicious food, but also your spoons. Our biscuit spoons are 100% biodegradable. But, better than that, our spoons come in a range of sizes and flavours from chocolate, pepper, masala and original biscuit to complement sweet and savoury catering. Our edible spoons are vegan and won’t compromise the flavour of your dish until you decide to take a bite. They also hold integrity for up to 1 hour in cold and up to 30 minutes in warm meals. 

WARNING - you may be fuller than ever before after Christmas dinner, so please consider wearing relaxed clothes

Our spoons are a big talking point, adding a ‘little something extra’ to your delicious serve. Surprise your family & friends this year with some delicious edible biscuit spoons from Stroodles. 



@Stroodles Drinking Pasta Straws


The funniest idea for Secret Santa gifting that we can think of is our famous Stroodles Pasta Straws. With Stroodles you can say “pasta la vista” to soggy paper straws and ocean polluting plastic, or ‘ciao’ to even more pasta dishes. Stroodles are made from wheat & water, are flavourless and ideal for cold drinks. They’re 20cm long and can be cut to size for any cocktails, juices, milkshakes or smoothies too. Make sure you collect your used straws, so that you can make yourself pasta bolognese ;)

Stroodles is not just a straw Company, we are a movement. By buying our products as presents you can make a real change.  Switching to sustainable products is now simpler than ever - there is no need to change behaviours, use Stroodles instead. 

‍ Change made easy!



@Stroodles Edible Eco Party Bundle 

If you want to go a little bit further and encourage your friends & family to have a full sustainable table setting this Christmas, surprise them with our Party Bundle! This is ideal if you want to have minimum after-party waste or if you’re tired of washing up the dishes! 


The bundle consists of all our 3 bestsellers: 40 Pack of Stroodles Straws, 10 Plates (20cm) and 10 Classic Spoons! Remember, all our products are 100% biodegradable, meaning no footprint left. They’re also edible and delicious. Eat your spoon, plate and straw as a part of your dish, or if you don't feel like eating, just throw them away so they can compost like banana peel. 



​​Being inspired by zero-waste chief Anne-Marie Bonneau’s quote “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”. Our main ambition here at Stroodles is to inspire the world to make small changes that will then contribute towards the bigger picture and consequently create a positive ripple effect. 


Happy stroodling!

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