Fancy Throwing a Sustainable Office Party?

Thu, Nov 11, 21

 We are approaching the Christmas festive period! Finally office parties and corporate events will be taking place after a 2 years break. Humanity followed strict restrictions regarding our own safety for such a long period, which in some cases has helped our planet too (reduced CO2 emissions), however everything got back to its original levels or even got worse, so why not make this year’s office parties slightly more sustainable & eco - friendly to help our planet Earth?

Keep on reading to get to know 5 ways how you can make your party more eco conscious

  • Upcycling

  • Buying so many products, prizes or decorations for a party may include loads of single use products such as signs or balloons that will go straight to landfills afterwards and contribute towards waste. Before buying anything you should consider upcyclicling surrounding items, and maybe even ask your colleagues to get involved by donating a couple of pieces that can be reused. This way you can explore your creativity and be proud of what you created.

  • Digital invitations

    Paper invitations can be cool, interesting and nice to get, however it is a huge waste of paper. Imagine the amount of companies organising their parties and events that will send a paper invitation to every single person potentially attending a party - crazy.

    As a solution, you can send digital invitations with some cool graphics, gifs or even videos, but if you really want to take it to another level consider using plantable seed paper for your invitations. 

    What is cool about this type of paper is that it can be planted directly in the ground or soil. The paper will then degrade whereas the seeds continue to grow. Not only zero waste, but also useful and good for our environment


  • Sustainable drinking

  • The amount of straws and cups that can be used during one of these parties is enormous. Every single drink comes with a new straw and cup times however many people are attending a party. But don’t worry, we got this covered! 

    Our famous Stroodles Pasta straws will take care of your sustainable drinking experience. They are 100% biodegradable, they are natural and they are EDIBLE! You may need to bring a lunch box to your office party, so you can collect all of your pasta straws to make yourself a nice pasta dish afterwards.

    Not that long ago we introduced our edible cups that can hold both hot and cold drinks. It’s a perfect replacement for plastic cups. They come in 2 sizes (110ml and 220ml), they are 100% biodegradable, in fact, they are edible and vegan! The cups resists up to 85°C for up to 40min. You can take shots, have soft drinks, drink juices or even coffee/tea using Stroodles edible cups



  • Edible tableware

  • Another major issue at these parties is plastic plates, bowls as well as cutlery. Similarly as with cups and straws, a lot of people don’t reuse their plates and rather take new ones for every single dish leaving even more plastic behind them. What if you could not only get rid of single - use plastic tableware, but also snack on your plate, bowl or spoon after a meal?

    That’s correct, our edible tableware range is edible, fully compostable in 30 days, vegan - friendly and can be served with warm or cold meals in it.

    Our plates and bowls are made from 100% wheat bran, our spoons taste just like biscuits, and our new bowls are like a wafer! Sounds like a dream

    Stroodles can make your office party or corporate event pretty much edible 🤨


  • Eco - friendly prizes & gifs!

    Think eco - friendly when organising games and prizes for your team. There are a couple ways to be greener in this case. Firstly, preparation and equipment required. As we just discussed plantable seed paper, your team can also be using plantable pencils and pens alongside the paper - completely zero waste, and it wouldn’t cause any inconvenience or change of behaviour. 

    Secondly, prizes itself can be eco - friendly and sustainable! 

    Just as Claire Bishops herself said during the podcast there are plenty of options to choose from. From plants, bamboo toothbrushes, tote bags to natural candles,  soaps or maybe Stroodles? 😜 


    As you can see, throwing an office party in a sustainable way is possible and is actually very easy to do. Stroodles eco tableware alone can make a huge change reducing waste & avoiding plastic pollution and even can help saving some trees! 

    Eva Macijauskaite

    Eva Macijauskaite

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