6 Ways to make your Christmas party more sustainable

Thu, Dec 02, 21

Christmas is now upon us and many people have already started planning parties for both Christmas and New Year's Eve! It is indeed a wonderful time and, I believe, it is the best time that you can spend with your family and friends. Although, this year we can finally enjoy going out, it would be a shame to miss parties you can have at home with your friends and family during this magical time. Consider the bottomless champagne as well as some of the most delicious home cooked meals and bakes to indulge in.. All of this can make you feel like you don’t want to leave your house at all during this Christmas.


However, there is one thing that must not be ignored: all parties including Christmas can be very harmful to our planet due to huge amounts of food, gifts and treats. So today we would like to share some tips and tricks that can help you throw a sustainable eco-conscious Christmas party which wouldn’t leave any footprint on earth 🎄


All the trouble is on us, all you need to do is just relax, do little swaps here and there and enjoy this festive season.


Read down below about the 6 possible ways you can reduce our environmental impact on earth when organizing a festive party! 👇 



Digital Invitations


When you are thinking of the Christmas invitations, think digitally! It is much more sustainable to have them done and sent online! 

Just imagine how much paper we use by printing an invitation for every single guest that may not even show up due to various reasons. Now think of the amount of paper used when all of us are doing the exact same thing. The potential harm we can do to our environment can be enormous. 

Digital invitations are the best option we can go for as they’re quick to make and quick to send. What is more, by sending digital invitations you won’t leave any footprint on earth and they are much more budget-friendly too! Lastly, you don’t need to worry if someone doesn’t show up, their digital invitation won’t go to waste.



Eco Christmas party decorations


To make your dinner table more sustainable this year, it is much better to avoid all these useless plastic crackers, single-use garlands or ornaments. They do no good for our planet and may be a waste of money


Why not get reusable Christmas decorations instead? Or even go for a slightly more challenging, but funnier way - edible decorations? I am sure you yourself can prepare fortune cookies to brag about and even some fun edible garlands to wrap around, which could be eaten just after the party is finished. You might also have a little competition among your family members and friends - ‘The Best Edible Garland’, so that everyone contributes, and you have more to eat 😉. This would be more sustainable, meaningful and fun, don’t you think? 



 Festive food and drinks


When buying groceries for the party, why not get some fresh veggies and meat from the local farmers & farms? This would support small local businesses and you would make sure that all the products are fresh & organic  😊 What’s even better, you might decrease the chance of bringing back home all that plastic packaging that is common in the big supermarkets. No plastic  - fantastic.



Eco Christmas Tableware


Yes, there is also a hack for setting up the Christmas table!

If your guest list is pretty long and you are thinking about plastic plates which would save you from all the washing up, you may want to think twice.

There is a much more sustainable and exciting solutions, and it’s Stroodles 😎

Our vegan edible tableware will look after all of your dining needs! Easily disposable: you can either crunch and munch your way through, or allow your Mr. Stroodles product to biodegrade naturally. Stroodles is a win-win for everyone. It does not leave any footprint on the environment, you don’t need to do any washing up afterwards, and it’s fun!

With Stroodles you don't have to compromise your drinking or dining experience, you can actually make it even more exciting, and more importantly you can do good for our planet by stroodling your favourite drinks and enjoying your favourite dishes  (yet alone, it saves you from all the washing up 👌)



 Sustainable Christmas gifts


Edible gifts can be an excellent way to surprise your friends and family.  

If you think such treats are boring - hi from Stroodles 🙋 Our eco-tableware range consists of original products, which will surprise anyone. From our famous pasta straws to spoons that are made out of oat biscuits, from wheat bran plates to edible wafer cups -  we are here to impress everyone! Our entire product range is 100% biodegradable, edible and vegan, which makes it the perfect alternative to plastic straws, plates, spoons & bowls.


Now we have new special party bundles to offer, and they will cover you fully! From plates to spoons, from cups to straws, the bundles have everything you may need for a sustainable dining experience both indoors or outdoors. It’s a perfect surprise that is not only eco-friendly, but also fun.


If you want to start leading a more sustainable lifestyle and cut down on your plastic use, then why not check out our Pasta Straws and eco-tableware range here!



 Share the party leftovers


Lastly, there might be loads of food left after your Christmas party that is impossible to consume, but it’s still good to eat. If you don’t have any pets that may want to save your food from going to waste,  consider sharing it with your neighbours and friends, or maybe homeless people across your town. You can also donate some to animal shelters nearby or surprise lonely people you know. In this case you will not only make someone’s day, but also save food from going to waste. Sharing is caring! 

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