Made in London: All you need to know about Stroodles

Thu, Dec 09, 21

As Stroodles grew, so too did it’s popularity - more and more people started Stroodling their drinks one pasta straw at a time! The increase of popularity and interest in Stroodles Pasta Straws made people question what is Stroodles? As it is usual these days, everyone went on Google and typed in questions such as “Who is Mr Stroodles?” “‘Are Stroodles successful?”, “How are Stroodles saving our planet?”, “Where is Stroodles based?” or... “Is Mr Stroodles taken?” 😜

As the year is coming to an end, we thought we will shed a light on Mr. Stroodles with a mix of hilarious as well as serious facts you didn’t know about this mysterious man called Mr. Stroodles, and his famous sustainable straws!


Let’s wait no further - here are 5 facts about Mr. Stroodles 👇 


Made in London

The idea of famous Stroodles Pasta Straws was born in Italy and brought back to London where it was officially founded by Mr. Stroodles.

It’s Chief Stroodle Maxim Gelmann behind it all. His decision to follow his guts made Stroodles happen. The previous career and experience in business strategy gave the confidence needed to make the first step, as Maxim said himself ‘I was at the right place, at the right time with the right mindset’. Since then Mr. Stroodles has been spotted and recognised by many well-known media companies and shows such as Dragons Den, Unilad, Lad Bible, BBC Good Food, Huffington Post etc


Stroodles pasta straws in partnership with @OGGS



Stroodles products are environmentally friendly

Being inspired by zero-waste chief Anne-Marie Bonneau’s quote “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”. Plastic straws may be small, but when the world uses billions of them a year, they make a significant contribution to plastic pollution in our oceans.


Stroodles items at Mr. Stroodles at Cop26



Stroodles is Globally expanding

Although our HQ is in London, Stroodles have expanded within and outside the UK. Now you can Stroodle in countries such as Germany, Norway, Iceland, The Netherlands, Spain, South Korea, Singapore and so on and so forth  

  Mr. Stroodles spotted at Cop26



Sustainability Movement

It all started with the Pasta Straws, but now Stroodles is much more. We are a Sustainability Movement led by Mr. Stroodles himself. Stroodles were joined by many different partners: Beach cleaning associations, charities, database companies such as Statista and even Children Scout groups, and we are not stopping here! Every single month there are more and more partners joining us - all in the name of sustainability!


Mr. Stroodles with Boy scout Thomas



Fun and innovative products

With the Pasta Straws being the signature item, Stroodles has expanded into a huge range of fun and unique tableware items: spoons, plates, 2 types of bowls, stirrers & cups. All edible, all 100% biodegradable and all vegan!


Stroodles Eco Tableware


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