Clean Ocean Sailing? Reducing Plastic Footprint. Helping Save Our Oceans

Fri, Jan 14, 22

It’s bleak out there. We've all seen those images of sea creatures trapped in a net, tangled beyond recognition with a mountain of plastic garbage surrounding them. Or sea turtles suffocating from a soup of plastic bags in their stomach. These images aren’t just abstractions, either—they're all too real. And they're happening every day.

Scientists estimate that today, 8 million tonnes of waste end up in the ocean every year.  And based on current trends,  if we don’t do something, by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

But don't despair! The plight of our oceans is bringing together a new generation of environmentally-aware sailors and most passionate hearts to make a real difference. And here at Stroodles, we’re all for it.

As a business committed to reducing plastic waste, we are super excited to announce our new partnership with Clean Ocean Sailing for our recently launched campaign #MakeASplash to help give back to the ocean that has given us so much! 

Clean Ocean Sailing, a non-profit organization that strives to raise awareness and promote practices to reduce marine debris and plastic pollution in the ocean. What Monica and Steve, the founders, and their crew do is nothing short of extraordinary, and how they make it possible for everybody - from beginners to professional sailors to volunteers - to get involved in cleaning up our oceans is truly something admirable.

In this blog post, we're shedding light on our new partner in crime in hopes that you will be inspired to join this campaign too, and in turn learn more about the amazing work Clean Ocean Sailing does!


Who are Clean Ocean Sailing? 


Based in the idyllic Helford River in Cornwall, Clean Ocean Sailing is an action-oriented, not-for-profit organization with the mission of enabling anyone to make a difference in the health and quality of our oceans by engaging them in practical activities such as beach and coastal cleanups.

They're made up of an amazing, passionate team of like-minded people who are totally dedicated to restoring the ocean through education, awareness, and practical initiatives that support conservation projects.

The old yet powerful boat they use to carry out their mission is called The Annette.

A 1908 gaff-rigged schooner, 66 foot, 55 tonnes, extremely strong carvel oak planking on oak frames. The boat is made to withstand extreme conditions and the ocean's fury.

It's equipped with modern systems and navigation technologies to monitor the team's progress as they map out and clean up plastic waste from our oceans. With this combination, you have a vessel that can get into remote places and safely remove the abundance of marine litter from the ocean.


The Annette, sailing since 1908.


How Clean Ocean Sailing is Saving Our oceans?


Clean Ocean Sailing works with two basic concepts: Through initiatives we empower people and through our actions, we create change and hands-on action creates the greatest impact.

What makes COS so unique and inspiring is that they don’t leave it all to the experts - they give you the power to help change the world, by providing a mechanism that allows for direct impact in your local environment.


The different ways Clean Ocean Sailing is fighting plastic pollution 


They do a combination of environmental management and restoration activities. The foundation implements an innovative, sustainable and cost-effective approach, with a focus on actions that have real impact rather than just being symbolic.



Boat restoration

To keep Annette seaworthy and bring her glory back to the ocean, the team periodically needs to perform restoration work


Ocean Clean-up trips

This is the main activity of the organization- they are on a mission to clean up plastic waste from our oceans.

Awareness campaigns

 They embark on awareness-raising initiatives with events such as #MakeaSplash, in partnership with Stroodles.

Recycling workshops

They want to educate the next generation on how to handle plastic waste sustainably. 

COS Impact: Sailing to a cleaner tomorrow


The impact that Clean Ocean Sailing has made over the years is truly remarkable.  They have cleaned up more than 20 tonnes of Marine plastic waste from the shores. Their work doesn't stop at collection though - they have built up an impressive recycling network through initiatives where they discuss innovative ways to transform plastic waste and give it new, inventive use.

They're raising the visibility of the intensely problematical reality of our overuse of plastic and the crisis of irresponsible waste in our societies.

There is a need to take urgent and concerted action to deal with this looming environmental disaster. Our excessive reliance on disposable plastics has created an ecological nightmare, and we urgently need to find ways to reduce our consumption of plastic materials. We can start by making small changes in our everyday lives, and by supporting organizations that are working to address this crisis.


Battling the plastic beast one piece at a time!


Mr. Stroodles and Stroodles team are so excited to take this first step together with Clean Ocean Sailing to fight against single-use plastic and make an impact. Let's practice more sustainable habits and get rid of single-use plastic! We all believe that small actions can change big things - so let's make it happen! 

If you are interested in getting involved, check out the COS website for more information.

If you would like to donate to their cause, they are always looking for funding support.  Find out more here


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