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Thu, Dec 30, 21

At Stroodles we strongly believe that we don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly, but rather millions of people doing it imperfectly.  This is why we are so happy that our Pasta Straws and Tableware items are being used by so many establishments in the UK and across the world. We are glad that our Stroodles movement is continuously expanding and growing as more and more people & countries join us in making positive changes one Stroodle at a time!

We achieved some great milestones this year; starting from World's leading brands joining our forces ending with new Stroodles products we introduced throughout the year!

Our Sustainability Movement is only growing and in 2022 we are set to get even more of the world Stroodling!



We are very proud of what we have accomplished so far. Through individuals, organisations, and businesses switching to our pasta straws we’ve avoided tonnes and tonnes of plastic that would have found its way into our oceans.

Every small action or small swap you make (for instance, choosing a pasta straw over a paper or plastic one) contributes towards the bigger picture. If we all work together to help our planet out it will eventually become greener, healthier and happier! ⁠✨



Stroodles started this year as Yahoo UK’s top 10 Foodpreneurs


The market for foodpreneurs is at its all time high with new competitors emerging almost every day! Each one of them surprises with their innovative new products - Mr. Stroodles being one of those!⁠


@yahoofinance @yahoouk thank you so much for the stroodling support! We are SO grateful, happy and proud to have been featured! 😁⁠



Stroodles landing in more countries around the world


Stroodles launched in Norway, Canada, Hungary, Iceland and in many more countries. Some of them you can see in the picture above, can you name the flags? 😉


Stroodles reached 11K Followers on instagram


We hit a huge milestone this year- gaining over 11K Followers on Instagram! As one of the top leading Yahoo’s foodpreneurs of the year we are happy to influence so many people in making eco-conscious choices and joining the sustainability movement! If we all do little things every day we can contribute to a real huge change!


Stroodles launched #MakeASplash Campaign with  Clean Ocean Sailing Association



Very successful pop-up in John Lewis Kingston and on Oxford Street in London



Stroodles launched NEW Edible Eco-tableware!


We have created a NEW range of products to help you 

make even more eco-conscious choices. Our new eco-tableware range consists of spoons made out of biscuit, plates made out of wheat bran, edible wafer cups and many more!


All of the new Stroodles products are edible, durable, 100% biodegradable and of course entirely vegan!




Stroodles at Hilton Hotels & Resorts



This festive season 🎄@tasteofhilton has introduced the most sustainable dog menu on earth served in our Stroodles Edible Plates and Bowls!



Stroodles  at Fortnum & Masons


The Fortnum & Mason the parlour restaurant is an award-winning home of ice cream creations. When it comes to ice cream credentials, Fortnum & Mason is second to none: they were the first to introduce the UK to Knickerbocker Glory! We are delighted to announce that The Parlour at Fortnum & Masons was our first customer to start using our edible spoons from our brand new eco-tableware range! The Parlour serves their delicious ice cream with our edible dessert spoons!


Stroodles Team is Growing


Stroodles has become even bigger this year with new team members joining the team! Say hello to new Stroodlers Peter, Morgan, Eva, Urte! 👋



Stroodles is now available in over 100 Spar stores in Cornwall



Stroodles at Imbibe UK 2021


Mr. Stroodles and his Stroodles team were at Imbibe Live at Olympia London, where after a busy summer, we saw the UK’s drinks industry reunite! As the world finally edged back towards normality, we were so happy and grateful for a chance to have a stand at the trade show of the year.


Imbibe is the one and only event that focuses on the entire world of drinks – from wines, beers and spirits, to soft drinks, RTD's, mixers, tea, coffee, no and low abv drinks, waters and other associated products (such as our Stroodles Pasta Straws!) – all with a focus on how to enhance the customer experience, and establish profitability. Visitors can also listen to the ground-breaking seminars, experience rare and unique tastings, source new products and discover new trends shaping the future of the industry.




Most Sustainable Cocktail Nomination


We partnered up with Plantation Rum and Laki Kane Cocktail Bar & Thai Restaurant Islington 🌴 to produce the incredible Bula Batiki - a completely zero waste cocktail, and we are SO happy to announce that it won the Best Cocktail of the year award!


We're absolutely delighted that our famous Pasta Straws (and full eco-tableware range including edible spoons, plates, bowls and cups!) were being used at the stroodletastic cocktail event of the year! 😁




Stroodles at Tate Modern Late


Did you know that now you can come to Stroodle at Tate Modern even after hours! Stroodles New Edible Bowls now launched in Tate Modern Lates and we were one of the first ones to come and witness the debut of Stroodles Edible bowls at Tate Modern Lates! Yes, you’ve read it correctly. The exclusive food and drink pop-up was focused on zero-food-waste cooking and was served in our edible biscuit bowls. 



Ancient Whisky tasting with Stroodles x Spink x Cask 88


Mr. Stroodles had an honour to attend the Cask 88 organised auction and whisky tasting named ‘Going the Whole Hogshead’ at Spink London! 💰


Cask 88 collaboration with Spink took place in order to bring online whisky cask auctions to a new, wider audience, and offer new and improved services to vendors and buyers alike. ‘Going the Whole Hogshead’ gave bidders a fair opportunity to own one of those exceptional casks of single malt whisky, and introduced newcomers to the cheerful and rewarding experience of cask ownership 📖


We are extremely happy and proud of Stroodles collaboration with Cask 88, which allowed the toast to the Queen to be done in our Edible Cups. What an honour and what an interesting experience of drinking whisky in our Edible Wafer Cups! 🤯



Stroodles at COP26

Mr. Stroodles Maxim Gelmann attended the conference and got to listen to some politicians, business leaders, activists etc. It was a great experience and source of inspiration for Mr. Stroodles in his fight against single use plastic! ✨


For nearly three decades the United Nations has been bringing together almost every country on earth for global climate summits called COP (Conference of the Parties). During that time climate and global warming has gone from being a fringe issue to a global priority.


This year it was the 26th annual summit – giving it the name COP26. With the UK hosting COP26 took place in Glasgow.


We are very grateful for the opportunity to present our products at such a big event for like-minded people. Stroodles hopes that this summit and its message inspires more people to make small changes that have a positive impact on the climate. 





Stroodles at Spitalfields Sustainable Market 


Mr. Stroodles at Old Spitalfields Market where Zero Waste Goods organised their signature Zero Waste Market! 🐢🌱


Zero Waste Market is bringing together the best of the UK's independent, sustainable businesses under one roof for easier & greener gifting this festive season. This year they have sourced 26 award-winning, sustainable, independent brands, and of those was Stroodles!


We are extremely happy for the opportunity to have our stand at Zero Waste Market. It was great meeting all of you, and having a chat about sustainability as well as our products. Stroodles hope you were able to find some eco-friendly goods, and you enjoyed the market as much as we did! 💚



Stroodles started partnership with Statista


Stroodles started a partnership with European Database Company Statista. Now you can spot Mr. Stroodles as a Quiz Master in various studying programmes for primary school students



Stroodles started partnership with  Kidzania


Stroodles has started a partnership with KidZania - a global phenomenon and one of the world’s fastest growing educational entertainment brands with 21 locations across five continents. Normally, their centres are open for kids only, but from time to time KidZania allows adults to experience different jobs too. Mr. Stroodles himself tried the real life replicating experience, and discussed what future holds for KidZania and Stroodles 🤝



Sail Ocean Design Competition


Stroodles has launched an on-going drawing competition, which is a part of Make a Splash Campaign with Clean Ocean Sailing Association, for children.


Clean Ocean Sailing is dedicated to cleaning our coasts and raising awareness about ocean plastic pollution. This year they will even be venturing to the Isles of Scilly 🏖️

They have restored their sailing boat, Annette, to carry out their important mission, but she needs a new sail 


You can submit a piece of visual art reimagining a more sustainable future and an ocean free from plastic pollutants on our website! The best design will be printed on the new sail alongside Mr. Stroodles.



Picture Credits: An Art submitted by Emma Bray




Stroodles launched 2 Scout Badges

This year 1st Sid Vale Scout Group joined forces with Stroodles, Bywaters, a Leading recycling company in London and Chelmsford Safety Supplies, to take part in a litter pick on Sidmouth beach, becoming the first in the UK to earn two new blanket badges called ‘Ocean Helper’ and ‘Ocean Hero’. London recycling company Bywaters was kindly sponsoring all the equipment needed for the 30 children and adults getting involved. After launching locally we are planning to expand nationally throughout the whole scout organisation, which currently consists of over 348k kids in the UK.



Stroodles at Whole Foods Market in Kensington x DUSA’s Drinks


Mr. Stroodles attended DUSA’s Canaima Gin and Diplomático Rum tasting at Whole Foods Market in Kensington organised by Speciality Brands 


As you may know DUSA is a huge and versatile liquor complex in Venezuela and Latin America, a house of Diplomático rum, Canaima Gin and many more drink brands with unmatched quality. We are glad that both of their brands chose to serve their drinks in our Edible Cups, and took a step forward to making the experience more eco-friendly! 🌱 

It was an incredible opportunity to get to know more about their environmental commitments, and we are happy that more and more businesses go green!



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