Go Green for the Queen with Stroodles

Thu, Jun 02, 22

Stroodlers, are you ready to party? We are! This Saturday, Team Stroodles is coming to a street near you to honour Queen Elizabeth II, and we are asking you to Go Green for The Queen! This weekend, the U.K. and commonwealth territories will join in celebration of Her Majesty's 70 years on the throne. There will be a concert at Buckingham Palace, parades, lots of horses and even more street parties in honour of our dear Elizabeth. Did you know that she is the third-longest reigning monarch in history and the longest-reigning monarch in the U.K? That's a lot of time on that throne! Over the years, Her Maj has been a shining (literally - that's some bling on that crown) example of humility, posterity, and grace. And as she is now in her 96th year, we Stroodlers owe it to her to party like it's 2099!


Families, friends, and neighbours will be gathering across bunting-lined streets to eat, drink and make merriment. But there is a serious side to consider. There will inevitably be a lot of leftover decorations, excess food, and waste at the end of the day. So, let's consider how to party with impact by going Green for the Queen and making your street party as sustainable as possible. Stroodles decided to sponsor a street party, and we'll be heading out to west London to hand out our straws to one lucky road of revellers - look out for updates in our socials!


So, where did this street party tradition begin, and how can you make a positive impact with yours? It all started over a hundred years ago, just after the First World war in 1919, when communities decided to hold street parties for children to celebrate the end of the conflict. These parties were known as 'Peace Teas', and their popularity continued through the coronation of King George, becoming a fixture when we celebrated our very own Elizabeth's accession to the throne. Though had she known she'd be sitting there for 70 more years, she might have had second thoughts! This Saturday, we'll have a chance to make history with our street parties by making small changes count with the decorations and tableware we use and the food we buy. Here are some tips to help make your street party sustainable:



Before you start planning your party, consider that yearly government estimates for single-use party items such as plates and cutlery currently stand at 11 billion for dishes and 4,25 for cutlery, that's a lot of parties and picnics! Today, we are only recycling 10% of these. So, the Jubilee is our chance to make a difference.



Let's think about all that bunting; yes, no self-respecting street would have a party without it, but there are a lot of plastic versions out there, and we want to avoid these as they aren't recyclable. Instead, think about that old shirt you never wear; instead of throwing it, use the material to make fabric bunting. It'll look much more original! Avoid Balloons at all costs; the latex isn't biodegradable, and the ribbons will likely end up entangled around your local pigeon or fox! Instead, get some old magazines and ask the kids to make paper chains or even some Stroodle-art decorations from our straws!



Ask the neighbours if you need more decorations, tablecloths, bowls, and utensils. Not everyone will be in street party mode so ask your neighbours if they are willing to loan out items for a good cause. 



Jubilee celebrations often comprise many sausage rolls, cakes, pies and tarts! Let's face it; it will be a sugar rush like no other! But, if we decide to have a conscience and add healthy foods, there are ways to do this with a conscience for the planet too! When it comes to your party food, you want to keep it fresh; think about supporting your local farmers by purchasing fruits and veg from regional growers. By opting for locally farmed produce, your apples will have fewer air miles and fewer preservatives, the planet will be happier, and they will probably taste that bit sweeter! 


Also, think about choosing ugly - they say you can't judge a book by its cover, which goes for fruit and veg too! We know it sounds counter-intuitive, but trust us, choosing the ugliest fruit and veg on the shelf prevents good produce from going to waste and if you are going to use it that day, buy ripe and ready-to-go so they won't be discarded.


Finally, get baking; the more homemade items you create, the less pre-packaged food you'll use for your party. You can also find silicone alternatives for cake and cupcake holders to use repeatedly for future celebrations. 



There are a few eco options from bamboo and wooden spoons for the party plates and utensils for your Jubilee festivities. Bamboo cutlery is a more favourable solution than wood because the growth rate is faster. Then there's the tasty option in the form of Stroodles. Stroodles offer a range of sizes and flavours of edible spoons that will compliment both sweet and savoury dishes. Try flavours like Masala Magic or Black Pepper, and there are even chocolate versions for those with a sweet tooth! Our spoons hold their integrity for an hour in cold dishes and 30 minutes in warm meals, and if you're more of a beet eater than a meat-eater, you'll be happy to know they are vegan too! 


And as for the plates, although paper versions seem convenient, they are not always easy to recycle. Stroodles offer eco party bowls in oval and round varieties made solely from wheat bran. They are 100% biodegradable and 30-day compostable. And yes, they will remain intact for the duration of your meal - they can also be a nutritious part of it, being entirely edible. Why make waste when you can eat your plate!


Let's face it, there's going to be a whole lot of drinking going on, so what better than to sip that beverage through than a Stroodle! And because you'll probably be partying until the break of day, use Stroodles and avoid that soggy alternative. Our pasta straws last up to 3 hours in your drink, and as if you won't be full of all that party food, you can, if you so wish, nibble it when you've finished! We also offer cups in two sizes at 110ml and 220ml; you can either use them for your party cocktails or desserts. Since they are made from natural grains, they make the perfect complement to any sweet treat!



Before the hangover sets in, organise a clean-up committee to pack away any leftovers in reusable containers; you can even fill that old ice cream box with the last of your Victoria Sponge so the sugar rush can carry over until Sunday! Think about using biodegradable cling film and bowl covers; there are plenty of options on the market. And if you didn't manage to snack your way through your used Stroodles, you can put them in your compost or green recycling bin as they are biodegradable.


And finally, as you feast and celebrate (and before the cocktails kick in), remember to chat to your neighbours about all the fun and easy ways they can make a difference. As you know, Stroodles believe that it's easy to make one small change that can help the planet. Whilst you are honouring Her Majesty, share ideas and think of future events and initiatives you can work on as a community to keep the changes coming. And whilst The Queen would probably love to thank each of you personally for helping make the planet a better place, we'll leave her to celebrate with the corgis while we thank you instead! Happy Jubilee weekend, everyone, and if you want to make yours a sustainable (and delicious) one, you know where we are!

Maxim Gelmann

Maxim Gelmann

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