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Wed, Jun 22, 22

Team Stroodles loves nothing better than to work with other companies that share our goals of making a big difference through small changes, all whilst having fun. And one company that does this while keeping its customers super happy is Boozy Events.


Voted Drinks Business of the year 2020, Boozy Events bring people together to learn the art of cocktail making through their virtual or in-person drink experiences. Started in 2017 as a sole-trader mobile bar, Boozy Events quickly transformed during 2020 when their virtual cocktail-making classes became incredibly popular during the lockdown.



Bringing years of hospitality experience to their events, Boozy links companies, teams and people across the globe for a day or night of fun and mixology that connect colleagues and brings added entertainment to work-dos, weddings and hen-dos. 


Whatever the occasion, you'll shake, taste and laugh your way through a masterclass. As you sip and absorb the atmosphere, you'll be transported to another land as your master mixologist teaches and tells you tailored stories. Whether it's the virtual cocktail, potion, tequila masterclass or the in-person classes, Boozy will give you an experience with skills and recipes you can take home and use again. So, wherever you are in the world, you can try the Boozy Events experience, even if your loved ones or colleagues share it from the other side of the planet. They also offer non-alcoholic masterclasses, mobile bar hire, an interactive cocktail-making bar and corporate gift boxes.



With a focus on delivering a truly engaging drinks experience, Boozy Events sought to review every aspect of their business, right down to the very straws their customers use. That's where Stroodles came in; initially meant for just a better drinking experience for their customers, they became a talking point of the class. 


Stroodles are sent out with the ingredient packs for each masterclass and, to date, have been sent to over 50 countries since Boozy began using them in 2020. CEO Gregor Sey told us, "No matter where in the world our guests tune in from, they always receive a comment from someone in the group about Stroodles."



Whether it's about the new type of sustainable straw or the fact that it's made of pasta, Stroodles makes an impact. And that's great news for us because, like Gregor, we want to ensure that our product does its bit for the planet in every fun way possible. And what's better than a delicious cocktail sustainably sipped? Can't say better than that. Cheers!


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