I ate all my meals with edible spoons for a day - and the results were surprising

Thu, Oct 21, 21

Millions of tonnes of plastic are thrown away every year. Estimates are that around 50% of it is used just once and thrown away.  Tons of plastic in the ocean and it takes a thousand years for it to break down.


The UK Government has put together a plan that should tackle the plastic scattered around in the coming years. In fact, single-use plastic cutlery, plates and polystyrene cups are going to be banned by April 2023.


As these changes are approaching and will affect the way we dine, and as a new member of the stroodles family, I thought I'd try our new line of edible spoons, plates and bowls myself. To cut down my usage of single-use plastic and disposable cutlery and see how functional it is.


Soo, I tried to eat all my meals using edible tableware products from Stroodles for the whole day and the results were surprising.





For Breakfast, I've made myself a granola bowl and served it, you guess it, on Stroodles ebible plate, accompanied by a tasty edible spoon.


Surprisingly, the spoon stayed firm throughout the whole meal and didn’t break.

Once done, I’ve tried to actually eat the spoon, and it was so weird.  It may had to do with the fact that you wouldn't expect to actually eat your spoon. After getting used to the process it just felt like any other normal cracker, except that it just looked like a spoon.





I tried eating my lunch with the spoon & edible bowl as well. Although I was a bit apprehensive, the spoon actually tasted quite delicious with my chilli bowl. It was like a Taco bowl with guacamole, but instead of tacos I ate the spoon. It was quite unusual but was surprisingly good.

The bowl texture reminded me of a lot of crackers. The taste was like a plain cracker, but didn’t overwhelm the dish and worked perfectly as an additional snack. (Have I mentioned how fun it actually was to eat it!)





For the dessert I’ve got myself some pancakes with Stroodles edible spoon & plate. I used my spoon to pour the yogurt and honey, but it was a challenge to eat the pancakes. The good thing was, the spoon tasted so good with honey and yogurt, that I had to eat it first. In the end, I completely forgot about the pancakes and ate another spoon with yogurt instead. (And wow, it was delicious!)


I was quite surprised by the plate. It didn’t collapse when I microwaved it. (it’s made out of wheat bran and that’s how it actually tastes as well. It wasn't bad at all, you know for a plate (lol), but not my cup of tea either. I just disposed of it in my compost bin and felt guilt free! The whole family of products biodegrades in no time, with no harm for the planet.


In conclusion, I can say that these edible spoons and bowls from Stroodles DO work. It might be a little bit weird at first to eat them, but you get used to it quite quickly. Not to mention, the spoons taste surprisingly good!

Edible tableware might be new, but the plastic in our oceans isn't. We are all responsible for finding solutions that avoid polluting our oceans and lands and in my opinion, Stroodles found a smart way to do just so!

Kiki Barrow

Kiki Barrow

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