One More Reason To Eat Our Way Out Of Plastic Pollution + An Easy Recipe At The End

Thu, Oct 14, 21


Image this, it’s 10 years from now, October 14th and you are binge watching your favourite show. You don't need to lift a finger:  Netflix auto-plays the next episode and your Robot vacuum keeps the floors tidy with barely any effort. You crave dessert, you get your favourite from the fridge and after you have finished eating it you can actually consume both the edible cup and the tasty edible spoon, you don't have to wash any dishes and you are not making any waste. Life is good 😌

Except, it’s today and you don't have to wait for the near future to live this life!

Did you know that October 14th is National Dessert Day? A day when you can fully surrender to your sweet tooth without regret or remorse, you can always say #NationalDessertDayMadeMeDoIt 😂

The word "dessert" originated from the French word desservir, meaning "to clear the table." We loved this part so much, we decided to take it a step further: we have made disappear the cutlery and serving plate all together ✨






They come in 2 tasty flavours

You can get yourself either classic oat or choc flavour dessert spoon depending on which one goes well with your dessert!


They are 100% organic

Our Stroodle spoons are 100% organic, natural and eco-friendly. They contain zero preservatives and no added sugar, concentrates or artificial colours.


Edible and biodegradable

The spoons are made by excess flour from food production that would otherwise go to waste. And they’re 100% biodegradable, meaning they dissolve in a short period of time, leaving no footprint on earth. They taste delicious, but even if you throw them away after eating your food, that's absolutely fine! Unlike plastic cutlery, our organic and edible ones will decompose in no time and will be no harm to the environment. 



Yes, our spoons are suitable for vegans!


Not only dessert spoons!

Make yourself a dessert using Stroodles edible cups, spoons, bowls or plates. It’s a match made in heaven.



Our favourite photos of fully edible desserts


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Treat yourself with Strawberry - Blueberry Shake



  • 150g of frozen strawberries

  • 150g of frozen blueberries

  • 150g Vanilla Ice Cream

  • 100 ml of milk (can be more depending on the consistency you aim for)



Blend strawberries, blueberries and ice cream, then pour milk in and blend it again. Keep pouring the milk until your desired consistency


Pro tip:

We personally think it's even more perfect when served in Stroodles edible cup together with Stroodles edible spoon, but we might be biased 😉

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