Stroodles Pasta Straws Are In Spain! 🇪🇸

Thu, Apr 29, 21

Stroodles have landed in Spain! Our Pasta Straws are now available to buy from several Spanish retailers and are also stocked and served in drinks in multiple bars, restaurants and cafes across Spain, from Madrid to Barcelona.


Here at Stroodles HQ we are on a mission to help people make small positive changes that will impact the world, making it a brighter and more eco-friendly place. We all share this planet and if each one of us can make a few easy swaps the effect will be amazing. In the words of Zero-Waste blogger Anne-Marie Bonneau “Don’t let the zero in zero waste intimidate you. Zero merely represents a goal and reducing waste isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition.” We love this imperfect approach to environmental activism which highlights the importance of a lot of people doing their bit rather than a few people doing it all. One of the ways Stroodles are helping further our positive climate impact is by branching our movement and our famous Pasta Straws into Spain.

The demand for Stroodles is ever-increasing as more and more people are looking to reduce their plastic consumption. And we for one are so happy to be expanding our Stroodles family across the globe now into the sunniest country in Europe, Spain. Consumers in Spain can say Pasta La Vista to paper straws and hello to Stroodles by ordering from our website by clicking here.

We are delighted to say that Coffee Javea, Eat My Trip, and Matcha Gracias, some of Spain’s most eco-forward retailer chains, now stock our Stroodles Pasta Straws!



Coffee Javea

Coffee Javea is an Italian Coffee house founded in 2017 and located in the beautiful coastal town of Javea in the province of Alicante. What their customers really value is the expertise that Coffee Javea has to offer and the true care and passion they have for coffee. You can watch the process of coffee roasting in store, seeing how the beans transform from their raw green state to a yellow shade until finally developing into the rich brown coffee colour we all know and love. All their batches of coffee are small to ensure freshness, setting them apart from mass commercial producers.

Coffee Javea already have implemented eco-conscious initiatives such as becoming the first in Spain to entirely ban the use of disposable takeaway cups. And we are delighted that they are continuing to engage with sustainable initiatives through their use of our Stroodletastic pasta straws!



Eat My Trip

Eat My Trip is one of the hottest breakfast spots in Spain, with one café in Madrid and one café in Barcelona. Founded in 2018 by Genia Sukhacheva Eat My Trip has continued to grow and make people’s brunch dreams come true and now they have made our Stroodle dreams come true by using our pasta straws in many of their drinks!

The focus of Eat My Trip is on delicious, healthy and beautiful food and they certainly deliver on all of these aspects. Most of their menu is vegetarian but they have something for everyone including vegan and gluten free options. They also have bottomless mimosas that you can Stroodle – what’s not to love?



Matcha Gracias

Matcha Gracias is Barcelona’s first ever Matcha-dedicated bar. This unique idea is the result of owners Georgy and Daria who fell in love with Matcha in Japan and wanted to bring some of the incredible well-being benefits of this tea to Spain. Their products not only look delicious (especially their Mille Crepe Cake) but they are also packed with antioxidants and are rich in fibre, chlorophyll and vitamins. So yes, you can have your cake and eat it!

We think that coming together with this innovative tea and coffee bar is a matcha-made in heaven! Look out for Stroodles Pasta Straws in some of their drinks.

Getting Spain Stroodling is such a thrilling chapter in Mr Stroodles quest to help the environment by providing the best (and tastiest) eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic straws. Thank you to all the Spanish businesses mentioned in this blog post for making this happen - we are so honoured that you believe in Stroodles and our mission, and that you are helping us to combat the effects of harmful plastic straws on our oceans.

We are so excited and curious to see what’s in store for Stroodles and we hope you are as well. This Pasta Straw journey has just begun, and we are looking forward to reaching even more milestones and adding to our list of Spanish customers, as well as welcoming new customers from all over the world. Join us in making a change. Be part of a greener world, be part of the Stroodles family!

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