Stroodles Pasta Straws Are In Iceland! 🇮🇸

Thu, May 13, 21

Stroodles have landed in Iceland! Our Pasta Straws are now available to buy from multiple Icelandic retailers, and are also stocked and served in drinks in multiple bars, restaurants and cafes across Iceland! 

Being inspired by zero-waste chief Anne-Marie Bonneau’s quote “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”, and an understanding that if many people make small positive changes it will cause a ripple effect and therefore eventually lead to something much bigger, our main ambition with Stroodles is to inspire the world to make small positive changes, that will then contribute to making a big difference and create a positive ripple effect. This is why we are so happy that our Pasta Straws have landed in Iceland, and that we are spreading the Stroodles Movement across the globe, and are getting more of the world making positive changes with us, just one Stroodle at a time.

We are delighted to announce that bars, cafes and restaurants across Iceland are using our Pasta Straws in their establishments. From this, there has been a demand from consumers to buy Stroodles. At Stroodles we are keen to get the whole world stroodling, and therefore are excited to say that consumers in Iceland can order Stroodles from our website by clicking here.




Ölverk Pizza & Brewery opened in the spring of 2017 in the town of Hveragerði. The town is located at the heart of the famous Golden Circle and only a half hour drive from Reykjavik.

The motivation behind Ölverk lies in their passion for premium wood fired pizza and fine Icelandic craft beer. Ölverk's own unique in-house brewery is powered by geothermal energy. A truly local beer!

We are so happy to have Ölverk stroodling with us!

Kaffi Krús

The ‘Coffee Jar’ is a popular cafe and restaurant in a charming, cosy old orange house, located in the heart of Selfoss on route one. There’s great outdoor space and a large selection of Icelandic and international dishes, from salads and pastas to fish and farmers-market dishes. The pizza (try the duck or langoustine) and burgers are excellent too.

Kaffi Krús is known for the fresh fish of the day, great selection of cakes and thin crust pizza! During the summer, tables are brought out to a cozy terrace sheltered from the wind where one can enjoy a meal, glass of wine or a cup of coffee.


VON mathús

Cocktails (served with Stroodles!), fun and good food!

The idea to open VON mathús could be attributed to the enthusiasm and passion of Einar Hjaltason and Kristjana Þura Berþórsdóttir but location and the demand for diverse and local food culture, also played a huge part in their decision to make their dream come true and begin working towards it!

VON mathús emphasises seasonal Icelandic cuisine combined with ingredients that complement each dish perfectly. VON actually means hope, and the family who own VON mathús want to make their mark on the food culture and restaurant flora of the “town in the lava”. They felt that VON was especially appropriate for the mood that is ever present in the port area. As such they place a heavy emphasis on seafood- and sea-based ingredients and strive to only ever use the freshest ingredients in their dishes. The fundamental concept of VON mathús is that there is always a homey atmosphere where personal comfort and professional service are interwoven at all times.



Hotel Ork

Hotel Örk is a first-class hotel located in the hot spring capital of Iceland, Hveragerdi. The hotel has 157 spacious great rooms in 5 categories. Every room is well-furnished and spacious. The hotel features all the comforts and services you would expect to find at a first-class hotel; multilingual and friendly staff, great accommodation, conference rooms and excellent facilities, such as an outdoor swimming pool with a waterslide, hot tubs and geothermal sauna.

Enjoy refreshing drinks (some served with our Stroodles Pasta Straws!) and great food, made with the freshest ingredients, at Hver Restaurant.



Hotel Selfoss

Hotel Selfoss is an attractive and peaceful four-star hotel in Selfoss. The hotel stands on the banks of the majestic river Ölfusá, providing a spectacular view on the river and the nearby mountain, Ingólfsfjall. Hótel Selfoss offers 139 richly equipped rooms designed to make our guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

The Hotel´s Riverside restaurant delivers a superb dining experience in one of Iceland’s most celebrated buildings. The dining room is elegantly decorated in low key soft leather gear. This is completed by a relaxing lounge/bar area and an inviting open fire place. The Riverside restaurant prides itself on its artistic cuisine. All dishes are prepared using only the finest in fresh, local produce. The Riverside Spa at Hótel Selfoss is a richly equipped spa area. It features a steam room, sauna, hot pool, rainwater showers, relaxation room, lounge and bar. It is designed and set up in sense of Icelandic nature and the theme of ice and fire! Beautiful!

We’re so happy and proud that we can call Hotel Selfoss a Stroodles customer.

Stroodles are also available to buy from Melabúðin, Blómaborg, Ramla store and Matarbúðin Nándin!

Getting Iceland stroodling is such a huge milestone for Mr. Stroodles, in his quest of helping the environment by providing the best eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic straws! Thank you to all the businesses mentioned in this blog post for making this happen - we are so happy that you believe in Stroodles and our mission, and that you’re helping us rid our oceans of harmful plastic straws.

We are extremely excited for what the future of the Stroodles journey will bring, as we are now greatly equipped to welcome even more amazing milestones and continue adding to our list of customers from Iceland, as well as welcoming new customers from all over the world.

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