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Tue, Jul 27, 21

Stroodles are in the UK! At Stroodles HQ we are so, so happy that multiple restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, pubs (you name it!) have joined our Stroodles Movement and have started stroodling with us.

Businesses all around the world are definitely beginning to feel the pressure from their consumers and investors to be more sustainable, and carry out business operations in a way that is as eco-friendly as possible. More and more businesses are opting for sustainable alternatives to single use plastic items such as straws and spoons, and therefore more and more bars, restaurants and cafes across the UK are opting for our Stroodles Pasta Straws (and eco-tableware range), and we don’t blame them!


At Stroodles we strongly believe that we don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly, but rather millions of people doing it imperfectly. We believe that if many people make small positive changes it will cause a ripple effect and therefore eventually lead to something much bigger, which is why our main ambition with Stroodles is to inspire the world to make small positive changes, that will then contribute to making a big difference and create a positive ripple effect. This is why we are so happy that our Pasta Straws are being used by so many establishments in the UK, and that we are spreading the Stroodles Movement and getting more of the country making positive changes with us, just one Stroodle at a time.

Bars, cafes and restaurants from London to Manchester and into Scotland are using our Pasta Straws (and now eco-tableware range) in their establishments. From this, there has been a demand over the years since Stroodles' founding years from consumers to buy Stroodles and explain how consumers in the UK have been ordering Stroodles from our store


When did the United Kingdom start Stroodling?

We are proud to say that the UK is home to Stroodles Pasta Straws, and now our new venture Stroodles Eco-Tableware too! Our founder and chief Stroodle, Maxim Gelmann, started Stroodles from his home in Soho in London, at the beginning of 2018, when he decided that he’d had enough of the corporate world and wanted to do something that would leave an impact. His decision to follow through with the initial idea and actually set up his own company was a combination of many factors for Maxim, be it his past experiences and career, and just being in the right place, at the right time, with the right mindset. And so he says it was with this open mindset, that when he came across pasta tubes being used for fun by Italians, that it all started to click in his head! Shortly after, Stroodles was born!

From the UK, the Stroodles team has scaled the Stroodles Movement, and have managed to spread the Stroodles word across the globe, from Nigeria, to Singapore to Iceland! Stroodles has come a long way since February 2018, and we have achieved some incredible milestones, from Mr. Stroodles featuring on BBC Dragons Den, to securing some amazing partnerships with brands such as Mount Gay Rum and Moët, and of course the amazing coverage we’ve had from major news outlets such as Lad Bible, The Guardian and Huffington Post!

At Stroodles we are more than a company, we are a movement dedicated to making real change by impacting the planet in positive, eco-kind ways. We have always taken our commitment to creating solutions to plastic pollution very seriously. Ever since we started off with our signature pasta straw we knew this was just the beginning of our journey. After the huge success of our famous Pasta Straws, we have recently expanded our product portfolio, and are inspiring more and more people to make fun, easy and above all uncompromising sustainable changes! Our new full eco-tableware range is made up of exciting products from spoons made out of biscuit, to plates made out of wheat bran! All of these new Stroodles items are edible, entirely vegan, durable, and of course 100% biodegradable!


Who are our Stroodles UK Customers

To name but a few amazing UK Stroodles bars, restaurants and retailers that stick our Stroodles products, we want to highlight just some of the places that are straddling here in the UK and making a huge impact, in such a Stroodlious way:


1. Laki Kane

Laki Kane have been stroodling since 2018, and were actually our first ever trade customer! So, a big shout out to Georgi, Sam and Timmy, who believed in Stroodles and the bigger picture from Day 1. They are all now great friends and are still our biggest Stroodles Ambassadors!

In the heart of Islington, on Upper Street, you’ll discover your own tropical escape at Laki Kane! Putting a modern spin on the tiki bar experience, you’ll experience a carnival of the senses packed with the Aloha spirit of eternal happiness. A place to share dinner with friends, taste unforgettable cocktails (served with pasta straws of course ;)), experience the entertainment, music and DJs all delivered to you with a five-star service and a smile!

Transporting you to a tropical world where the sun is always shining and the good times never end, their menu represents the true taste of paradise. Their spectacular cocktails are made using unique exotic ingredients, natural, unrefined sugars and the world’s finest selection of rum; perfectly complementing our fresh and flavourful food, inspired by the cuisine of the tropics!



If you do visit, make sure to try a Prickly Dragon! A delicious, very tropical and punchy cocktail, with prickly pear and dragon fruit! Served with a Stroodle Pasta straw of course!




2. Emilia’s Pasta

Emilia's started stroodling with us in August 2019!

At Emilia’s they love-soul warming comfort food. Everything they do revolves around the essence of Italian cuisine – freshness and simplicity! Their pasta is freshly made every morning and cooked with a respect for the tradition and techniques passed down the generations from the cooks who taught them their craft! Essentially, they want to bring back memories of that warm tingling feeling in your stomach you got as a child when your Nonna cooked you a delicious bowl of pasta after coming home from playing outside!



Our absolute fave drink to stroodle at Emilia's is definitely an Aperol Spritz! 




3. Veeno 

Veeno have been stroodlin’ with us since the beginning of 2020!

If you haven’t been to a Veeno before then we definitely recommend you do! Veeno is a gateway to the Italian lifestyle! Taste meets style and attention to detail is driven by passion. Veeno is the essence of the Italian “Aperitivo”, the ritual of drinking, nibbling and relaxing while sharing moments of happiness with friends and family. Since 2013, the Veeno team has been working hard to ensure that quality and tradition flows from the vineyard to the glass, accompanied with authentic Italian food such as meat and cheese platters, pizza, pasta, panini, bruschette and desserts - all too delicious for words!


If you visit a Veeno (you should!) we definitely recommend trying their Hugo Spritz - a perfect, refreshing drink for a warm, sunny day!



The Parlour at Fortnum & Mason, London - Restaurant Reviews, Bookings,  Menus, Phone Number, Opening Times


4. The Parlour at Fortnum & Masons

The Parlour started stroodling with us earlier on this year! 

Fortnum & Masons light and playful Parlour is the award-winning home of our decadent ice cream creations, It's no wonder it's a favourite amongst their sweet-toothed customers of all ages. When it comes to ice cream credentials, Fortnum & Mason is second to none: they were the first to introduce the UK to the Knickerbocker Glory!

We’re delighted to announce that The Parlour at Fortnum & Masons was our first customer to start using our edible spoons from our brand new eco-tableware range! The Parlour serves their delicious ice cream with our edible biscuit spoons! 


Hotels in London, United Kingdom - Find Hotels - Hilton


5. Hilton Hotels

 Hilton Hotels across the UK started using our edible plates from our new eco-tableware range earlier this year! 


Founded by Conrad Hilton nearly a century ago, Hilton Hotels and Resorts has become an iconic, global brand with almost 600 luxury hotels in 78 countries.Hilton Hotels Corporation is recognised internationally as a preeminent hospitality company. The company develops, owns, manages or franchises approximately 2,200 hotels, resorts and vacation ownership properties. Its portfolio includes many of the world’s best known and most highly regarded hotel brands, including Hilton, Conrad, Doubletree, Embassy Suites Hotels, Hampton Inn, Hampton Inn & Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Hilton Grand Vacations Company and Homewood Suites by Hilton.


Image of a bar with stroodles


6. Marriott 

Marriott County Hall have been stroodlin’ with us since mid 2019!

Aligned with the UK’s plastic straw ban, plastic straws have been removed from all bars and restaurants at Marriott hotels. This move has resulted in London Marriott Hotel County Hall joining our Stroodles Movement, and offering their customers our famous pasta straws! Gillray's Steakhouse & Bar, their restaurant on the River Thames, serves seared-to-perfection steaks sourced locally from O'Shea's Butchers, and is the perfect place to kick back and relax with a handcrafted cocktail served with a Stroodle Pasta Straw!


Thank you so much to all our amazing customers mentioned in this blog post. We are so proud to say that you are all stroodling with us, and believe in Stroodles and our Movement.  We are extremely excited for what the future of the Stroodles journey will bring, as we are now greatly equipped to welcome even more amazing milestones and continue adding to our list of UK customers, as well as welcoming new customers from all over the world! 


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Best Stroodling Wishes! 

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