The Jaffa Cup Cake Cocktail

Mon, Jul 17, 23

Since the launch of our famous Mr Stroodles Pasta Straws 🍝🍹 in 2019 - with our straws becoming a viral trend after appearing on the BBC’s Dragons Den - we have tried to encourage more people to become Stroodlers.

Stroodling is all about fun and easy ways to encourage sustainability.  Ever since, we have continued to expand and grow our range to add new, eco-friendly products to our shop. 

One of the products we have added to our Stroodly portfolio is our new edible cups. 

Now you can snack on more than just your straw after a cocktail - you can even eat your cup too!

And the perfect drink to make with our edible cups is the Jaffa Cup cake Cocktail. 

Jaffa Cake Cocktail

The Jaffa Cup Cake Cocktail... what is it?

In 2023, we partnered with Mozart Chocolate Liqueur and Jaffa Cake Vodka, along with our Stroodly client - The Alchemist Bar - to make a sustainable, fully edible cocktail that is perfect for those evenings you want to try something a bit different. 

So, to learn how to make this amazing cocktail - we have all the ingredients and everything you need below 👇🏼


- Mozart dark chocolate 22.5ml

- Jaffa cake vodka 15ml

- Grand Marnier 7.5ml

- Orange Juice 40ml

- Marmalade 40ml

- White chocolate foam 7.5ml

Mix and stir thoroughly...

Pour into the edible Stroodles cup

And your Jaffa Cup Cake Cocktail is ready to serve! 😋

Links to shop:

Mozart Chocolate Liqueur 🍫  Link here

Jaffa Cake Gin 🍹 Link here

Stroodles straws and cups🧉 Link here

If you are interested in having this drink served to you, be sure to visit an Alchemist Bar near you! 

We are a sustainable trend that took flight in 2019, with the aim of conserving our environment from the dangers of excessive plastic waste. We look to protecting our future, with fun, eco-friendly and healthy ways to help look after our environment. If you can replace your plastic with our edible goods – why not?

Our vegan edible tableware will look after all of your dining needs! Easily disposable: you can either crunch and munch your way through, or allow your Mr. Stroodles product to biodegrade naturally. Either way works to suit our environment, and to suit you.

Stay tuned for more upcoming products!

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