A Summer Stroodling

Fri, Oct 01, 21

A Summer Stroodling  


The idea of Stroodles Pasta Straws grew from Chief Stroodle, Maxim’s belief that there must be a better way to enjoy your favourite cocktail, fruit juice or smoothie whilst not leaving a footprint on the earth that will take generations to disappear!

Knowing that 4.7 billion plastic straws were used every year in the UK alone, Maxim wanted to make a positive change, and therefore launched Stroodles Pasta Straws to allow people to do good, the easy way!

Since the launch of our famous pasta drinking straws in 2019, which have since become a global and viral trend, we are now ready to grow our movement and own the eco-tableware category by extending our product range to edible spoons, plates, bowls and cups. At Stroodles our aim is to inspire the world, and show how easy it is to do good, ‘one Stroodle at a time!


Stroodles movement has been joined by various countries such as Norway, Spain, Singapore, Germany, Iceland and many more across our beloved planet Earth. Different bars & restaurants offer you a Stroodling experience whether it is our pasta straw or an edible plate. See the list of our partners to find out where you can have a Stroodle


Read more about some of our partners ↓



Matcha Gracias


Matcha Gracias is Barcelona’s first ever matcha bar.


Matcha Gracias is the matcha temple in the heart of Barcelona! It is a “wellness bar to recharge you inside and out”! Sounds good to us!


Full of neon colors, good music and good energy, Matcha Gracias is the home of lovers of Matcha, healthy food and good vibes. They promise to be the space for you to start your day on the right foot and the first place that comes to mind when you want to have something delicious, healthy and different for breakfast.


Matcha Gracias offers the best matcha tea in Barcelona in terms of freshness, flavor and quality. They also have a delicious range of cakes, donuts, drinks, cinnamon rolls, ice cream, all handmade with love and in an artisanal way. To drink or to eat, at Matcha Gracias the possibilities are endless!


Matcha Gracias love our pasta straws as they don't go soggy like paper straws do, are flavourless, and are 100% biodegradable! After all, what's not to love?!


Laki Kane


Laki Kane were actually our first ever trade customer, and have therefore been stroodling with us since 2018. So, a big shout out to Georgi, Sam and Timmy from Laki Kane, who believed in Stroodles and the bigger picture from Day 1!


Transporting you to a tropical world where the sun is always shining and the good times never end, their menu represents the true taste of paradise. Their spectacular cocktails (all served with a Stroodle Pasta Straw) are made using unique exotic ingredients, natural, unrefined sugars and the world’s finest selection of rum; perfectly complementing their fresh and flavourful food, inspired by the cuisine of the tropics!


The Parlour at Fortnum & Masons


The Parlour started stroodling with us earlier this year!


Fortnum & Masons light and playful Parlour is the award-winning home of our decadent ice cream creations, It's no wonder it's a favourite amongst their sweet-toothed customers of all ages. When it comes to ice cream credentials, Fortnum & Mason is second to none: they were the first to introduce the UK to the Knickerbocker Glory!


We’re delighted to announce that The Parlour at Fortnum & Masons was our first customer to start using our edible spoons from our brand new eco-tableware range! The Parlour serves their delicious ice cream with our edible biscuit spoons


Cocktail In the City


On the 21st and 22nd August, team Stroodles were at this year’s Cocktails in The City, showcasing not only our famous pasta drinking straws but also presenting products from our brand-new eco-tableware range, including our delicious edible biscuit spoons and wafer cups. All of our new Stroodles products are edible, entirely vegan, durable, and of course 100% biodegradable!


Cocktails in the City is the UK’s greatest cocktail festival, bringing together the world’s finest cocktail bars all under one roof in pop up form. Their mission is to bring the finest cocktail bars, innovative drinks brands and curious cocktail lovers together for an epic cocktail party in stunning spaces around the UK and they sure do a good job of doing so!

With our new eco-tableware products all their cocktails will be the finest, the most innovative and the most sustainable ones!


Stroodles Movement has been expanding ever since then. Starting with pasta straws now we aim to take over the whole dining experience with our sustainable eco-tableware and inspire people to make a change. Our partners throughout the world help Mr. Stroodle with its mission, so you can Stroodle almost anywhere you go. Most importantly, if you think your dream destination will not be able to provide a Stroodling experience – you can always grab some pasta straws or our edible eco-tableware at our website!

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