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Thu, Dec 23, 21

The act of leaving a treat out for Santa was born in the 1930s during the Great Depression. The idea behind it was to teach children to give to others, and to show appreciation for the presents they were lucky to receive. Up to this day a lot of children still leave cookies and milk for Santa as it became a Christmas tradition in many countries and families. 

Mr. Stroodles is not an exception, but rather an innovator. This year he was believed to be a good pasta straw, so he is leaving some biscuits spoons, stirrers and wafer cups for Santa to snack on when he drops off his presents. Mr. Stroodles knows that Santa is already quite sustainable as his sleds are drawn by reindeers (pretty much no carbon footprint), but he would like to take Santa to another level and get him to eat even the tableware 🤪

(Check the video below to see Santa’s reaction when he found out the biscuits he just ate were actually Stroodles edible spoons👇)



We have already prepared a list of 10 ‘DOs’ or ‘DON’Ts in order to have a Sustainable Christmas this year, and we did a blog on hosting an  eco-friendly Christmas party  with Stroodles !


But it got us thinking, what kind of table setting will you have this year on your Christmas table (and for Santa’s snacks) ?


Do you love organising Christmas parties and family gatherings down to the smallest details? Are you looking for ways to surprise your guests with unique decorations and original table settings? In that case we have a perfect tableware range ready for you! Stroodles plates, bowls, spoons and cups will definitely imprint on guests’ memory, and will make your party unforgettable!


Our vegan edible tableware will look after all your dining needs! Easily disposable: you can either crunch and munch your way through, or allow your Mr. Stroodles product to biodegrade naturally. Stroodles is a win-win for everyone. It does not leave any footprint on the environment, you don’t need to do any washing up afterwards, and it’s fun!

With Stroodles you don't have to compromise your drinking or dining experience, you can actually make it even more exciting, and more importantly you can do good for our planet by stroodling your favourite drinks and enjoying your favourite dishes  (not to mention it saves you from all the washing up 👌)



This year at Stroodles we have prepared a wide variety of festive bundles to make your Christmas tableware zero-waste, and save you from a trouble of washing up!

Bundle up with Stroodles this Christmas 🎄


Go completely zero-waste this Christmas with our Stroodles special Christmas bundles. From our classic Party Bundle to our New XL Party & Special Events bundle, we can cover all your Christmas party needs. Our tableware range is 100% biodegradable and edible! Create a fun and memorable Christmas experience for everyone and forget about washing up, instead have an extra delicious snack after. 😋


Shop our small and large festive bundles to have not only your Christmas table set but also New Year!

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Stroodles Party Bundle

​​For a small family or friends gathering this Christmas we have our classic Party Bundle. It can be both - a perfect Christmas gift or full table setting for a sustainable gathering! The bundle consists of all our 3 bestsellers: 40 pack of Stroodles Pasta Straws, 10 Edible Plates (24cm) and 10 Classic Biscuit Spoons. 



Stroodles XL Party Bundle 


Have more guests invited for Christmas this year? We have a bigger deal for you! This XL Party Bundle consists of our 3 bestsellers, but in larger quantities: 80 Stroodles straws, 20 Classic edible spoons, 20 edible Plates (24cm).  It's a perfect bundle for any bigger eco-friendly gathering such as Christmas dinner!



Stroodles XXL Party Bundle 


Our beloved Party Bundle gets even bigger and expands! This XXL Party Bundle consists of our 4 bestsellers, and in larger quantities: 280 Stroodles, 50 Classic spoons, 50 Plates (24cm), and 20 Round Bowls (20cm). It's a perfect bundle for any occasion, take it to the park, organise a BBQ, party or an event! Our tableware range is 100% biodegradable and edible. Happy stroodling!




Stroodles Event Bundle


If you want to go fully sustainable this Christmas, we have our Event Bundle. It has everything you may need for your big Christmas dinner! It includes 240 Stroodles pasta straws, 50 Classic edible spoons, 100 edible plates (24cm) and 240 Large wafer cups (220ml).

This assures your Christmas will be fun & sustainable! 




Did you know that Stroodles is great not only for party settings and outings but also as a Christmas gift (or Santa snacks)!

With Stroodles you can make your whole family go Sustainable just by gifting them our Stroodles Explorer bundle or even get them Some Stroodles Drinking Straws sample packs as a Secret Santa present, and if you are looking for some delicious biscuits to leave on Christmas Eve for St Nicholas (Santa Claus) why not to leave our Stroodles cocoa & oat biscuit spoons and an edible wafer cup of milk?



Stroodles Drinks bundle


Drinks Bundle - if you and your friends are more of a drinkers. 240 Stroodles Pasta Straws and 240 Large Edible Cups (220ml). It's THE perfect bundle to Inspire them how fun and easy sustainability can be, by serving them hot chocolate or mulled wine in an edible Stroodles Wafer Cup. If you want to have even more snacks, add a biscuit cocoa stirrer and/or a biscuit cocoa spoon for stirring or eating the whipped cream.




Stroodles Explorer Bundle


If you would like both a spoon and a straw, our Explorer bundle might be your next best Christmas gift. It consists of 40 Pasta Straws and 10 Classic biscuit Spoons - enough to make you and your family or friends explorers during the Christmas dinner. This bundle is not only edible, but also vegan and 100% biodegradable, which assures you a fun and sustainable experience this Christmas!



Stroodles Sample pack


If you are looking for a more sustainable gift this Christmas, our Stroodles pasta straws can be a great eco-friendly gift for kids and grown-ups alike! Stroodles are perfect for juices, mocktails and milkshakes! They also last over an hour, are flavourless and are zero-waste! They're perfect as a stocking filler, Christmas gift, and for a Secret Santa. It’s a present that everyone will remember! Give pasta straws a try by getting our sample pack which consists of 4 pasta straws


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