Stroodles Pasta Straws Are In Hungary! 🇭🇺

Fri, May 28, 21

Stroodles have landed in Hungary! Our Pasta Straws are now available to buy from multiple Hungarian retailers, and are also stocked and served in drinks in multiple bars, restaurants and cafes across Hungary!

Being inspired by zero-waste chief Anne-Marie Bonneau’s quote “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”, and an understanding that if many people make small positive changes it will cause a ripple effect and therefore eventually lead to something much bigger, our main ambition with Stroodles is to inspire the world to make small positive changes, that will then contribute to making a big difference and create a positive ripple effect.

This is why we are so happy that our Pasta Straws have landed in Hungary, and that we are spreading the Stroodles Movement across the globe, and are getting more of the world making positive changes with us, just one Stroodle at a time.


We are delighted to announce that bars, cafes and restaurants across Hungary are using our Pasta Straws in their establishments. From this, there has been a demand from consumers to buy Stroodles. At Stroodles we are keen to get the whole world stroodling, and therefore are excited to say that consumers in Hungary can order Stroodles from our website by clicking here.



Lashka Tésztaműhely


Lashka is all things pasta!

According to the founder of Lashka, life without pasta is like life without music or without love. There is no other food in history that has as many variations, colors, shapes, textures, or flavors as dough.

People all over the world are passionate about some form of pasta. There’s something about the shape, the feeling of it in your mouth, and the combination of flavours that enchants you.

Lashka make, and hand deliver the most delicious pasta dishes, all made with homemade pasta dough and the freshest ingredients! Their menu consists of several traditional pasta dishes (which have stood the test of time!) however, Lashka also create their own classics, which are simply delicious too. At Lashka, they bring you the pasta dishes of as many peoples and cultures as possible, from cottage cheese chutney to Japanese victory, and we are all for it here at Stroodles HQ!

We are so happy to have Lashka stroodling with us!






Koktélbolt has been selling bar equipment since 2003.

They operate as an independent cocktail shop at 9.ker Közraktár u. No. 10, where they sell not only cocktail ingredients, but also bar utensils, and all the bar accessories and ingredients needed to make any cocktail you'd ever want to make! 


At Koktélbolt you can find everything you'd ever need, from tools and accessories to cocktail ingredients, for a bar competition or simply a cocktail party at home! Of course Koktélbolt stock our Stroodles Pasta Straws, as they are a cocktail necessity after all! 


Gin Shop 

Gin Shop is the perfect place to go for gin lovers! They sell absolutely everything gin-related, from gin and tonic spices, to gin glasses, to non-alcoholic gins, and of course not to mention their extremely extensive range of gins.

We are honoured that our Stroodles can be bought from their website, as well as stocked in their shop in Budapest! 


Best Stuff

Best Stuff is the place to go when you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone!

Their online shop, as well as their store in Budapest, is full of special, unique and funny gifts for all occasions, and for any person. They really do have every gift you can ever imagine!

Our retail packs of Stroodles, being the perfect gift that they are, are obviously stocked at Best Stuff!


Getting Hungary stroodling is such a huge milestone for Mr. Stroodles, in his quest of helping the environment by providing the best eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic straws! Thank you to all the businesses mentioned in this blog post for making this happen - we are so happy that you believe in Stroodles and our mission, and that you’re helping us rid our oceans of harmful plastic straws.

We are extremely excited for what the future of the Stroodles journey will bring, as we are now greatly equipped to welcome even more amazing milestones and continue adding to our list of customers from Hungary, as well as welcoming new customers from all over the world.

Interested in Stroodling your drink? Why not order your pack today

Are you interested in stocking Stroodles Pasta Straws or adding a Stroodles Pasta Straw to your customers drinks? Then why not check out our Trade Zone and order a sample pack today!


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