Stroodle? Gracias!

Thu, Jun 17, 21

The idea of Stroodles Pasta Straws grew from Chief Stroodle Maxim’s belief that there must be a better way to enjoy your favourite cocktail, soda or smoothie whilst not leaving a footprint on the earth that will take generations to disappear!

Knowing that 4.7 billion plastic straws were used every year in the UK alone, Maxim wanted to make a positive change, and therefore launched Stroodles Pasta Straws to allow people to do good, the easy way! Our pasta straws are flavourless and last 1 hour in cold drinks, and therefore don’t compromise drinking experience. Stroodles allow you to say “Pasta la Vista” to soggy paper straws that turn into mush about 5 minutes after drinking out of them!

Since the launch of our famous pasta drinking straws in 2019, which have since become a global and viral trend, we are now ready to grow our movement and own the eco-tableware category by extending our product range to edible spoons, plates, bowls and cups. At Stroodles our aim is to inspire the world, and show how easy it is to do good, ‘one Stroodle at a time!’

As our movement and product portfolio grows, so too does our commitment to making real change that impacts the planet in a positive way, that doesn’t compromise your drinking or dining experience! Stroodles hope to leave a lasting positive impact, by spreading awareness about the plastic pollution problem in a non-preachy way, and inspiring millions about how fun and easy sustainability can be. Single use? No problem! As long as it’s Stroodles.

At Stroodles HQ, we couldn't be more proud of the community we've built and that's all thanks to all our fellow Stroodlers, as well as our amazing customers, who are dedicated to helping us save the planet from single use plastic tableware items! In this blog post we want to shine a light on one of our stroodling customers in particular, Matcha Gracias, a fabulous matcha bar in Barcelona who loves to get their customers stroodling with us. So, let’s explore who Matcha Gracias are!



Who are Matcha Gracias

Matcha Gracias is Barcelona’s first ever matcha bar.

Matcha Gracias is the matcha temple in the heart of Barcelona! It is a “wellness bar to recharge you inside and out”! Sounds good to us!

Full of neon colors, good music and good energy, Matcha Gracias is the home of lovers of Matcha, healthy food and good vibes. They promise to be the space for you to start your day on the right foot and the first place that comes to mind when you want to have something delicious, healthy and different for breakfast.

Matcha Gracias offers the best matcha tea in Barcelona in terms of freshness, flavor and quality. They also have a delicious range of cakes, donuts, drinks, cinnamon rolls, ice cream, all handmade with love and in an artisanal way. To drink or to eat, at Matcha Gracias the possibilities are endless!

Matcha Gracias love our pasta straws as they don't go soggy like paper straws do, are flavourless, and are 100% biodegradable! After all, what's not to love?!

Where to find Matcha Gracias:

Find Matcha Gracias at Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 488, 08015 Barcelona, Spain



Matcha Gracias have been stroodlin’ for 1.5 years now!

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Stroodles? Gracias!

As Matcha Gracias’ menu has so many stroodletastic matcha drinks (which are served with a Stroodle Pasta Straw of course!) we wanted to share with you some of our absolute faves! Did you know that matcha brings you 4-6 hours of pure energy and won’t leave you jittery like coffee does? That’s why it is the perfect pick-me-up to get you through the day!


Ice Turmeric Matcha Latte


Matcha Organica


Fresh Matcha (Matcha and Orange Juice)


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Spain is Stroolding

The stroodletastic Matcha Gracias bar is just one of many customers we have in Spain. Our Pasta Straws are also stocked and served in drinks in other bars, restaurants and cafes across Spain, from Madrid to Barcelona! Below are just two examples of some of our other Spanish customers.


Eat My Trip

Eat My Trip is one of the hottest breakfast spots in Spain, with one café in Madrid and one café in Barcelona. Founded in 2018 by Genia Sukhacheva Eat My Trip has continued to grow and make people’s brunch dreams come true and now they have made our Stroodle dreams come true by using our pasta straws in many of their drinks!

Check them out on Instagram here!



Coffee Javea

Coffee Javea is an Italian Coffee house founded in 2017 and located in the beautiful coastal town of Javea in the province of Alicante. What their customers really value is the expertise that Coffee Javea has to offer and the true care and passion they have for coffee. You can watch the process of coffee roasting in store, seeing how the beans transform from their raw green state to a yellow shade until finally developing into the rich brown coffee colour we all know and love.

Check them out on Instagram here!

To read more about our Spanish customers, have a read of our blog post here.


Being inspired by the quote “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”, and an understanding that if many people make small positive changes it will cause a ripple effect and therefore eventually lead to something much bigger, our main ambition with Stroodles is to inspire the world to make small positive changes, that will then contribute to making a big difference and create a positive ripple effect. This is why we are so happy that our Pasta Straws have landed in Spain, and that we are spreading the Stroodles Movement across the globe, and are getting more of the world making positive changes with us, just one Stroodle at a time.

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Getting Spain stroodling is such a stroodletastic milestone for Mr. Stroodles, in his quest of helping the environment by providing the best eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic straws! Thank you to our friends at Matcha Gracias (and all our other Spanish customers) for making this happen - we are so happy that you believe in Stroodles and our mission, and that you’re helping us rid our oceans of harmful plastic straws.

We are extremely excited for what the future of the Stroodles journey will bring, as we are now greatly equipped to welcome even more amazing milestones and continue adding to our list of customers from Spain, as well as welcoming new customers from all over the world!

Happy Stroodling Spain!

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